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Theme Venues With Decorative Tree Branches

Decorative branches from Commercial Silk Int’l have become a new collection consisting of many popular decorative tree branch varieties that continues to expand with exclusive items. Our selection of tree branches, poles, stems, and trunks is harvested from natural wood, and our team disguises any natural blemishes that are undesirable. Our decorative tree branches can be purchased as cutback trunks or they can be bought in a natural tree form, original to a harvested branches.

Natural Tree Branch Lighting

Our growing collection of branches includes stems from tree varieties such as Birch and Cedar, and our team custom manufactures decorative wooden stick art forms from hand-selected tree branches in large quantities. Our varieties of tree decor are endless, so if your project theme calls for a usual variety of natural wood, our team can locate tree branches to your size and specifications. Harvested wood branches, both rustic and contemporary, are used to theme many venues. Our latest decorative tree branches project was a rooftop bar that used the tree branches as custom lighting fixtures.

Silk Flowering Trees and Branches Illuminate Commercial Environments

If there were such a thing as an exterior or interior landscape centerpiece, a silk flowering tree would be it. Both visually striking and durable, silk flowering trees and branches can turn an ordinary space into a picturesque and enchanting landscape, whether with artificial Hibiscus, artificial Wisteria, artificial Cherry Blossom, or artificial Flowering Dogwood, to name a few.

Two recent projects by Commercial Silk illustrate just how impacting a silk flowering tree can be. For an Oasis of the Seas cruise ship, a silk Cherry Blossom tree was installed in a spa waiting room to provide a dramatic focal point and a sense of wonderment and relaxation for visitors. Adding to the sense of majesty is an overhead lighting system integrated with black lights, prompting the silk flowering tree to slowly change colors.

Dogwood tree For a corporate headquarters with an indoor walking garden, a silk Dogwood tree provided by Commercial Silk provides a splash of color among the other artificial and live greenery. Employees and visitors have found the garden to be a peaceful respite from their busy days.

Live flowering plants, vines, and branches can be very fragile and expensive to maintain, especially for interior spaces where there simply isn’t enough light. Silk flowering trees, on the other hand, require no maintenance, carry no risk of triggering allergies, stay in bloom all year long, and come in a variety of colors, including pink, white, red, and yellow.

Our decorative tree branch collection is not to be confused with our silk leaves and branches collection. These branches are imported and most often carried in stock for your theme foliage venues. Popular varieties here are molded from silk, polyester, and PVC, and are used to manufacture silk trees. These branches are also inhibited with either our Class A fire retardant chemicals or our UV resistant chemicals for indoor and outdoor applications. Here, you will find silk Cherry Blossom branches and artificial Palm branches.

So whether your decor can benefit from Birch poles or tropical Palm foliage, contact us for an array of silk tree branches today!