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Tips to Buy the Best Faux Plants and Trees

Long gone are the days when fake plants for home décor had the worst reputation. It was mainly due to their very artificial look. Fake plants have turned from being the faux pas to the trendy. Here are some tips that might help you pick the right faux plants that don’t look fakeWhy Go For Artificial Plants?

There are many reasons people opt for fake plants other than low maintenance.

  • Great for persons with no green thumb.
  • A smart option when people have allergies.
  • People with pets opt for artificial ones as some plants are poisonous to them.
  • When your room doesn’t have enough natural lighting.
  • When you need some greenery in difficult-to-reach areas, fake plants become handy.
  • The artificial plants are made of high-quality materials that you can’t differentiate them from the natural ones.

Things To Look Out When Buying Artificial Plants

After all, we buy fake plants to take the place of the natural ones and to keep us stress-free. We need to accept the fact that there are also some plants that look cheap and tacky. So, make sure to find fake plants that mimic the natural ones. Imperfection is the key to find the best artificial plant. So here are some few tips for finding the perfect fake ones.

The Shade And Shape

Pay attention to the stems and leaves of the plant. Let the stems have a natural shape and color. If the stem is in perfect straight shape, then it is absolutely a wrong choice. The good ones usually come with wires, so we can bend them to the desired shape to get that more genuine look.

Having all the leaves in the same flawless green shade isn’t a good idea either. A perfect fake plant will have leaves in varying shades of green to resemble the old leaves and the new ones that have just come out.

Keep It Clean

It is indeed true that fake plants are maintenance-free. But regular cleaning isn’t a luxury. The layer of dust on your artificial plant will get you caught. So, make sure that they don’t beg you for cleaning.

Go With The Season

You need to change the plants according to the season. It is not a wise idea to have a spring plant during the winter season. Having the unseasonal plants is like making the plants scream “Hey there! I am fake!”. Buy plants for different seasons and rotate them according to the seasons.

Keep It Natural

Let the fake be natural. Yes, you heard it right. Let them have buds or new leaves that have just started shooting out. Anyways, a native plant will have a few new tiny leaves and tender buds that are yet to bloom.

Remember seeing vases having leaves with fake water droplets or glossy green leaves. Those were very common in those days when artificial plants had a bad rap.

Choose The Apt Location

Placing the fake plants in a difficult to reach area might cover up the eyesores or bring in the greenery feel to your space. But it will not look realistic. Never place a plant that needs regular watering in those inaccessible spots. Go for the ones that require occasional watering like succulents.

Be Realistic

You can’t escape the critical eyes of your guest if you are going to retain the same floral arrangement at your desk for years together. You are not poking a hole in your pocket by choosing an artificial floral arrangement for your home over buying natural flowers regularly. So why not have some two or three floral arrangements handy and change them usually?

Anchor Fake Plants In “Dirt”

Make them look more natural by anchoring them in “dirt” and fake moss. If you are going to use a glass container, you need to top it up with some water to get that right look. Don’t have the time to change it regularly? Opt for opaque containers.

Combine Fake With Real

A smart idea would be to combine fake plants with natural ones. Pick up the natural version of low-maintenance plants while opting for a fake version of the difficult to maintain plants. However, make sure you dust the fake ones now and then to avoid being caught.

Some Sure To Fool Faux Plants

Bringing in Fake plants is the best way to add some greenery to your home without the upkeep. Here are a few of the fake plants that have stunning lifelike looks.

The Azalea bush leaves with its vibrant green hue, and textured surface enhances the realism of the bush. The dense foliage of the fake bush makes a soft bed for the new pink blossoms. UV resistant chemicals inhibited within the plant ensure no visible color loss occurs even after an entire year of UV exposure. With their stunning lifelike appearance, they are sure to boost interest and spread warmth in your space.

Artificial indoor palm trees will instill luxury into your home with their giant green fronds. The height of the tree will make it the focal point and will bring in a natural feel to your room. This fake tree is adorned with many thin, feathery leaves. Enjoy the feel of a warm day at the beach irrespective of the current weather with this tropical beauty by your side.

Artificial Jasmine Plant is ornamented with small oval-shaped leaves and a cluster of white flowers. The foliage is infused with premium quality fire retardant material. They are a perfect choice as an underplanting for trees like Oriental Bamboo and fake olive tree. You will fall in love with your space the moment you bring in this faux jasmine plant to your home.

When selected carefully, the fake plants can deceive the eyes of even the best scrutinizing plant lover. The fake plants with their thoroughly researched lifelike appearance will be a fabulous addition to your indoor as well as outdoor décor. So, grab some best-looking fake ones to add life to your space and give your space a chic look.