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Rainforest Cafe

Don’t Hold Back. Planning and executing an indoor rainforest using artificial Palm trees isn’t for the timid at heart. Think dense and diverse plants and trees, exotic and dangerous species, and thick air you can cut with a knife. Think waterfalls, estuaries, and bold toucan colors. While you may not be able to procure replica parrots, your artificial Palm trees should be just as exotic and varied as the rainforest you’re aspiring to replicate. Like most endeavors, you’ll get out what you in. Building a rainforest with silk Palms is no exception.

Go Palm or Go Home

Palm trees vary throughout the world, from the coconut Palms of Florida and the desert Palms of California and the Middle East to the more rainforest specific Palms of the Americas and Asia. A combination of Areca Palm tree, Fishtail Palms, and Bamboo Palms, for example, will provide a richly authentic rainforest look indigenous to Asia and the South Pacific. We can provide you with a brief history of Palm trees to help choose the varieties in your landscape. To accentuate your artificial Palm trees, select a few artificial plant varieties to round out the theme.

Know The Fire Code

Don’t design your rainforest and discover that it won’t pass state fire code requirements. Instead, sort it out beforehand. Make sure to use fire retardant foliage and study fire codes thoroughly, as most states will be very particular at the time of inspection. When it comes to choosing a fire retardant artificial plant, there are a few choices: inherently fire retardant foliage or topically fire-retardant foliage. See a fire retardant requirement guide for more information.

Silk Plants in Rainforest Theme Allocate Resources

The odds are that, if you’re designing a rainforest exhibit, you’ll be installing it in a high-end museum, eatery, or other attraction. Allocate a dedicated team of seasoned veterans to get the job done quickly and expertly in order to ensure the project is constructed without interfering with other business-generating activities.