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Want to Style Your Home with Books? Do This

Books have always been our best friends for life; they are the best companions and are capable of killing boredom and keeping loneliness at bay. For some of us, they help us to catch back our long-lost sleep and make us doze on the couch within the first few pages. But is that all? We have long decorated our walls, coffee table, and shelves with artificial flowers and artificial trees; let us see how we could transform this stereotyped décor with books, here.

The advantages of having books at home are many, starting from improving our vocabulary to shrinking the World in our reading room; its benefits are endless. But, have you ever thought they could add elegance to the home it stays and escalate its beauty to many folds by adding few home décor ideas using artificial flowers and plants with it? Yes, you read it right, enough of storing our valuable books on those boring racks where they stay for months waiting to be touched and read again. Here are the tips to style your home elegantly with books.

Setting up the coffee table with books:

It is a common routine to have magazines, dailies, and few books on the coffee table, but most of us keep it hidden on the last rack of the table saving space for kettle pots and cups. Why don’t we just think otherwise and line the table with interesting and attractive books topped with flowers on glass vases? Trust us, guests would love the idea and would enjoy the book along with the hospitality. Coffee tables can be made even more elegant when books topped with decorative items are lined on them in definite patterns and directions.

Tables made of Books:

The requirements for furniture in our homes are endless but are not affordable at all times. But books could be transformed into a perfect bedside table by piling them one over another in definite patterns and lining a few on the sides ensuring its stability. With some silk flower arrangements, a perfect square or rectangular table would be held handy to keep mobile phones after a late night watch, with sleepy eyes. It could be used to charge mobile phones, keep mugs, water bottles, bedside lamps, alarm clocks, and what not?

Piling up a book tower:

Homes are not always built to satisfy every single desire of ours, especially when we seek rented accommodation; we need to change a good number of things so as to get things going easy for us. One main problem we deal with is with high electrical points, and sometimes they are kept way too high to hold our mobile phones and laptops connected to their chargers.

Keeping the point that we can’t afford furniture under every electrical point, we could make use of books, built into a tower by piling one over another, keeping in mind their stability to act as tables for our gadgets. It could also act as a proud display of the books collection one possesses to their visitors.

Create a wall of books:

If you have a collection of books that could not be confined to the coffee table or transformed into a temporary table, then the best way to portray them is to fit them into cubicles compiled as a stand to be arranged against the wall.

To add more elegance to the home, sort the books based on their size or color to fit into each cubicle and alternate them with flower centerpieces or some faux flower arrangements, to add more freshness and vigor to the acting wall of books. This would be a great idea to style the drawing room differently when peers would be interested in décor the same space with ceramic toys and flower vases.

Make the best use of old Diaries:

Old Diaries and Directories could make up a very good pile of unwanted stuff at homes. They cannot be re-read and re-circulated but could be recycled so as to make the best use of them and also to décor our house. The Center portion of the directories has to be cut off and used as a sand bed to grow small plants in the bedroom or drawing-room. They not only look fresh and elegant but are also oxygen bombers pumping in fresh oxygen in the room. They could also be used as jewel boxes to store in small jewelry without clutter within its hard case.

Style empty walls at home:

Enough of staring at boring walls all day- transform them beautifully with books as shelves. Glue some strong books onto walls horizontally at equal distance on a long wall, top them with pink tulips, glass vases with flowers, perfume bottles, etc. The long boring wall is now a miniature masterpiece of innovation.

Transform unused fireplaces into a library:

Give a library like feel inside the house by lining some interesting books along with the unused fireplace. The room could be decorated with a small and cozy seating arrangement, a beverage table, and some flowers to get a comfortable library feel so as to enjoy an interesting book.

Build a Book cart:

Change the age-old protocol of storing books on shelves and racks, transform an old cradle into a books cart and keep them in the children’s room. Paint the cart vibrantly so that it looks cheerful and indulges kids’ attention upon it. This is also one of the best and proven ways to get kids into reading. This also reduces storage space for books and the cart can be moved within the house and enhances the ease of its use.


Styling and decorating the house is easy, especially for those with a passion for interior décor. Using books to solve the puzzle is innovative and interesting as well. Books along with some silk flower arrangements will do the magic of adding style to the home interiors. No doubt your acquaintances would be thrilled to find books used in different ways so as to add vigor to the home interiors.