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You Can Experiment with the 'Cement' Trend in Your Home - Here's How

Over the years, cement and concrete have been associated with sturdy basement, foundation, and garage. But in recent days, there has been a rise in the use of cement for interiors – ‘The Cement Trend.’ The grainy and rough texture of concrete and the flexibility of users have made it the option that many designers choose to work with. Ranging from concrete tile, bathtubs to candle stand – concrete is showing up everywhere. More people are choosing concrete because it creates a neutral background to work with and its ease in maintenance.

The addition of this rustic material gives your home a unique charm and an earthy feel. If you are looking for a fresh element that offers an edgy look and can last for a really long time, concrete is the choice for you. Here are a few ways you can experiment with cement trends in your home.

1. Kitchen

The interesting texture and the mildly industrial look have made concrete the best choice for a modern kitchen. A concrete countertop is a good start to see how the new look works for you. A concrete kitchen island and open shelves provide a rustic look. You can go with this trend entirely by choosing polished concrete flooring, countertops, and concrete shelves for storage. The grey color provides a neutral background to experiment with bright, bold-colored cabinets. Concrete flooring and countertops can be coupled with stainless steel or wood finishing giving a contemporary look to your kitchen. Easy maintenance and timeless look make concrete the ideal choice for the kitchen.

2. Bathroom sink

Concrete bathroom sinks is trending in recent days. A simple wall-mounted concrete sink is a minimalist way to add some style to your bathroom. Concrete is known for its rough look, so you can also go for a sink with rough edges and texture. Concrete is easily moldable so you can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, textures. Choose what fits your space perfectly. Concrete and woodwork well together. You can add a parallel wooden shelf below the sink for a simple look and yet make a strong statement.

3. Concrete shelves

Concrete shelves are a fantastic addition to your home and office. The mild grey color of the shelf can easily complement any color and texture in your home. There are a lot of ways you can incorporate these shelves in your home. You can stack tiny triangles along the corner and showcase your favorite pieces. Concrete shelves are very robust so they can handle heavy antique pieces too. You can arrange shelves of various sizes to create a wall gallery. They are very easy to maintain and give an impressive look to your living room.

4. Concrete planters

Beautiful bright flowers in robust concrete planters strike a perfect contrast that a lot of people find appealing. Neutral color and a wide range of shapes available make them ideal containers for plants. These planters work as a great modern and minimalist decor for both indoors and outdoors. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs among which you can choose what looks great for your space.

These planters are trendy and hard to break, making them an excellent choice for outdoors as well. You can go for fake outdoor plants in geometric planters for a classy look and easy maintenance. A fake bonsai tree in a concrete planter decorated with pebbles or seashells gives a contemporary look to your room. A small bowl-shaped planter with an artificial cactus looks adorable on your dining table. Live plants or faux trees; concrete planters are an ideal choice for your home.

5. Concrete flooring

Concrete flooring sounds plain, boring, and garage-like for you? That is not true! There are so many styles and textures you can experiment with concrete flooring with spending a fortune on it. The unique property of concrete is that it is highly moldable and malleable before it sets hard which allows various stamps and stencils to get the texture and patterns you want. A simple concrete floor can work beautifully with a bold colored rug and minimal furniture.

You can also score the concrete before it sets to create a look like tiles and mosaics. Adding a glossy coat can give a charming look to your room. You can choose any finish you want for the floor and pair it with minimal furniture to provide a classy look to your home. As concrete provides a neutral canvas, you can easily decorate it.

6. Walls

Concrete walls can be used to introduce an additional texture to your room. It creates a warm and inviting feel to your home. Matte finish concrete walls with an artificial tree in a corner look great. You can add a few metal lights and stylish furniture to give a striking look to your living room as well.

7. Light Fixtures

Concrete light fixtures are the simplest way to introduce concrete in your space. These fixtures add a unique and characteristic element to your room. Concrete candle holders and nightstands are a great style in addition to your home.

Concrete adds an interesting and rustic element to your home. But redesigning the entire house with concrete might not work for all. You can start by introducing a few design elements like concrete coffee table coasters, plant holders, and bookends for your home. And the best part is you can even try making them yourself. You can add concrete light fixtures to enhance the look of your living room. Dull nature of concrete provides a beautiful contrast to the light bulb giving a contemporary look. If you like these additions to your home, you can confidently incorporate concrete in your décor to make a statement. Go for shelves, a coffee table, a bathtub made of concrete. These structures provide a simple and classic look to your space with minimal maintenance. Concrete is the best choice for a minimalist décor look. Try experimenting with it.


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