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Decorative Stick And Twig Art

Decorative Stick And Twig Art
Decorative birch poles
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Decorative Stick And Twig Art
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Are you looking for an all-natural design element that is multifunctional? Our decorative stick and twig art will introduce natural, real wood materials into your design as a ceiling or wall panel, suitable as art or as cover to disguise a feature in your space that doesn’t contribute to your overall design. We will customize the panel to your specifications making this a unique design for your commercial space. In standard sizes of 4’ to 12’, we can also help you dress up your space quickly. Made with real branches, preserved for longer wear and durability, this is a fabulous and functional accent!


  • Starting dimensions range from 4'-12' (custom dimensions available)
  • Trendy & fashionable selection of branches
  • Low maintenance displays
  • Real preserved natural wood branches
  • Custom containers for decorative expression
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