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Artificial Green Walls: The New Status

Welcome to the coolest trend in the world of green experiences. The words “Green Wall” are pretty flexible in their definition, but it means basically that--a wall surface partially or completely covered by plants. While live green walls require a dedicated team of horticulturists to properly care for, artificial green walls offer the same powerful presence without the continued cost of maintenance.

The best part is, Commercial Silk offers the most accessible green walls on the market--simple, easy-install green wall panels that come in one- or two-foot squares that can be cut on-site to perfectly fit your space. We offer several Green Wall options in our mat format, allowing you to create your own ideal aesthetic.

A Crowd Favorite

Artificial green walls have become one of the most favored natural design elements in commercial spaces due to their easy maintenance and cost effectiveness. Our artificial green wall mats are truly modular, which lets you order exactly enough for your space, and link them into a seamless, natural-looking composition that never repeats a pattern.

Commercial Silk takes your new faux plant wall one level higher with custom designs that open your options far beyond our standard mat and roll products. Our designers and architects collaborate with you to draw your vision into reality, creating unique works of art with expressive color variations, flowers, cascading foliage and more - our entire library of artificial components is at your fingertips. We are ready to elevate your environment whether you’re bringing your plans to the table, or you want our award-winning designers to create contextual proposals unique to your space--whatever helps you arrive at your perfect green experience.