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10 Adorable Faux Fruit Trees

Aiming for greener surroundings? Not sure what’s out there, what’s trending, what’s a good fit for you? Well, how about some faux fruit trees for your green space? 

Hues of green and bright splashes of realistic-looking fruit are sure to be a conversation piece. Especially when they are standing right in your living room or office hallways. What’s not to like? Easy maintenance, durability, and beauty, all rolled into one.

Not to mention, these artificial fruit trees will be a sight for sore eyes. Especially if you are not already surrounded by an orchard. Read on, and find out what faux tree to bring back home.

1. Faux Apple Tree

Imagine half a dozen ruby-red apples hanging right by the window of your home or office. The color pop itself, from the dark green to the red, will be something to talk about. 

faux apple tree

With a wooden trunk and heat-resistant silk foliage, these trees will be the perfect addition to your orchard-themed landscaping space. Alternatively, put them in empty hallways, entryways, and even your patios for a realistic look and feel.

2. Artificial Banana Tree

If you want a tropical feel in your commercial area, a faux banana leaf tree is exactly what you are looking for. The airy feel that comes with the lazy swaying of banana palm fronds is much sought after for closed-off spaces.

And wouldn’t they be fun to have for a beach-theme party, prom, or even a wedding? The best part is they can easily be reused for other events.

Although it would be fun to have bright yellow bananas hanging in your living room, it is actually pretty hard to replicate them realistically. So go for the fruitless banana palm tree.

3. Faux Lemon Tree

Lemon trees are known for spreading a feeling of positivity around them. Bright yellow color, a round canopy, chubby fruits interspersed with fragrant (maybe use a lemon scent) foliage? Mind blowing! So realistic that it’ll be ‘just another lemon tree’!

artificial lemon tree

A fake lemon tree can make your landscaping design come to life, be it your patio or a commercial space. Available in various sizes, you can easily plan your landscape theme around them.

4. Artificial Orange Tree

Another great option is a faux orange tree that is botanically accurate. These come with luscious real-looking fruits so real you might end up wanting to pick them. Remind you of the Sunshine State yet?

Add a couple of drops of orange essential oil to a spritzer and spray away. Get that fruity, citrusy aroma to match that realistic looking artificial orange tree. You can choose different sizes for the tree as well as the fruits.

faux fruit trees

5. Faux Sea Grape Columnar Tree

If you are looking for dense, lush coverage then the faux Sea Grape tree is for you. Tall and almost as real as its live counterpart, this tree is perfect for outdoor use. 

Gardens, atriums, lobbies, and stairwells. These are a pretty elegant choice for corporate spaces as well.

Accentuate a staircase, or punctuate the courtyard, the choice is yours.

6. Fake Italian Olive Tree

What is your faux plant arboreal missing? An Olive Tree, that’s what! Enjoy the beauty of the dual-tone green of olive trees. That coupled with the realistic looking sculpted resin-based trunk makes it a winner.

It’s just the thing for restaurants, wineries, specialty grocery stores, and even your patio. A delicate looking tree, they are sturdy enough to last quite a few years.

7. Fake Cherry Tree

Can any other fruit ever be as lusciously inviting as cherries? There is just something about the bunch of shiny red orbs that beckon from behind their silk foliage curtain. Perfect for atriums with high glass ceilings.

Some faux cherry trees, like the multi-stemmed Canada Red Cherry Tree, will have leaves that are green on one side and red underneath. What a splash of color, and such a great complement to the bright red of the cherries.

8. Artificial Black Olive Tree

Another exotic faux fruit tree to add to your green space can be the Black Olive Tree. Perfect for tropical and coastal landscaping designs, be it outdoors or indoors. 

Pair with hammocks and blue-white cushions for an impromptu barbeque dinner on the front lawn. Or make it the backdrop of a restaurant reception. Either way, it is sure to stun. Check for a natural wood trunk for the highest levels of authenticity. 

9. Faux Peach Tree

There is something about these fuzzy fruits that make them so endearing. Fake peach trees might be shorter in length than a more columnar trees. This means the foliage would resemble more of a shrub.

Perfect for corner tables or kitchen islands. It is very hard to make fake peaches look realistic so check thoroughly before you buy.

10. Fake Grape Tree

Although more of a vine, grapes are quickly becoming popular among landscapers. Perfect for wineries, restaurants, and even backyards. These gorgeous bunches are available in several colors, with realistic looking leaves, vines, and tendrils. 

However, you will need to have poles or bamboo structures installed in order to put these up. Not a hassle, but an extra step for sure.

Faux Passion Fruit Tree

Fake Passion fruit trees, although hard to find, can also be a great choice as a miniature potted tree. Think of something that looks more Bonsai than an actual tree. The dark maroon fruits peek from behind the foliage, completing the realistic look.

These faux fruit trees would be perfect for entryways, kitchen counters, and even a large office desk. Look out for trees that would be easy to clean.

With the focus shifting to biophilic landscaping designs, these faux fruit trees are the next best thing to actually living in an orchard. Being surrounded by greenery, with intermittent splashes of colors, is a good way to relax and wind down.

Go ahead and invest in the ones that catch your fancy. Remember, easy maintenance and longevity are not the only advantages of including faux trees and plants in your green space.