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12 Stunning Designer Tips for Wall Decor

Welcome your employees and workers to an environment that is inclusive. Design a place that makes people feel at ease, makes them feel relaxed and ready to get started on their daily work. 

Wall decor is very important. Empty walls shout out a lack of familiarity. And those same walls, when decorated, offer a glow that lights up the entire space.

Take a look at the many options and mix’n’match combinations that you can try for your wall decor. From artificial vines to old timey records, find the perfect item to grace your walls.

Here are 12 tips to get you started 

1. Ceramic Wall Plates

Ceramic wall plates are all the rage these days. You can get them in several different designs. From vintage to modern, from colorful to monochrome, the sky’s the limit for these plates. 

Assemble a few of different sizes and designs together, and watch the wall come alive. You can even get the designs on these customized for a more uniform approach towards the design.

2. Green Corner

Green corners are essential for any commercial area, especially with all the current attention on biophilic spaces. If decorating an entire wall seems like too much work, why not decorate just the corners?

biophilic interior space

Get high corner shelves for your office, shop, or other buildings. Put up small faux plants and bonsai trees in planters. You will find that the corner of the wall will look bright and attractive. This will complement any bare walls as well.

3. Artificial Ivy Plants

The appeal of vines hanging down from a corner of the ceiling cannot be negated. These are perfect for restaurants, wineries, cafeterias as well as lobbies where the decor is green-themed. 

But the main problem with live vines and plants is that they are hard to maintain. In order to ease your burden a bit, go for artificial ivy plants and vines that look just as authentic as the real thing.

Choose a fake pothos plant that can be the perfect fit for any space. For instance, the Pothos vine. The heart-shaped leaves have a white and green marbled design and a smooth texture. You can put them up on a high shelf since they don’t require much maintenance.

4. Moss Wall

Moss walls are perfect for indoor areas, especially break areas. Some might feel moss is too moist or dark or messy to deal with on a daily basis. That is true to some extent for live moss. On the other hand, artificial moss is perfect for offices, shops, eateries, and many other spaces. In fact, fake moss walls are pretty popular these days.

Decorative Faux Moss Wall

There are moss balls, moss sheets, moss letters, moss signage, moss rocks, and moss sheets to choose from. These come in plenty of colors and types. You can also get the size and design customized for your unique decor idea. 

5. Motivational Quotes

All professional spaces need at least a few motivational quotes and posters. Wouldn’t you agree? Some of those trite but true quotes end up making a lot of sense. For people who need their beliefs reinforced from time to time, these are quite an option.

Bunch up quotes of the same color on different parts of the wall for a different look. Or go for an asymmetric look by using the posters to create larger designs.

6. Vinyl Stickers

Easy to apply and easier to remove. A burst of color or a pale backdrop, ornate designs, or funky motifs, with vinyl stickers you can never go wrong.

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are the best when it comes to economic wall decor. Thanks to being comparatively cheaper than other decor items, you can change the look frequently. Avoid purchasing gaudy-looking flowers, quotes, and extra-large stickers.

Instead, opt for smaller designs and elegant looking stickers.

7. Chalkboard or Dry Erase Board

If nothing strikes your fancy then get a placeholder for the time being. A chalkboard or dry erase board is not only a necessity for some corporate space, but they also end up looking pretty cute. 

For places like cafes and restaurants, where the menu and specials change regularly, it is imperative to have these. Get some colorful chalks or markers, and every day can be the opportunity for a new design.

8. Wallpaper

Wallpapers are ideal for creating gorgeous wall decor. It can be the backdrop for a burst of color, a flower arrangement, or just a statement wall. Needless to say, this is also your go-to solution for hiding stains and spots on walls.

There are plenty of styles, colors, textures, prints, and DIY options available to suit all sorts of needs.

9. Cork Boards 

Cork Boards are a particular favorite in offices and coz tacks will ruin your walls. Put it up and let the employees, workers, or even customers contribute. 

The inclusion of other resources for decorating the corkboard will lift a burden from your shoulders. Not only that, the feeling of being included in a design initiative is always a major pull.

10. Sculptures

There are plenty of sculptures that can be wall-mounted. Get sculptures that match the space around you. Don’t pick anything too intrusive if this is for a common area. Animals, birds, trees, and modern art are ideal for walls.

You can also take your endeavor a few steps ahead and pick something that goes with the ethos of your office, shop, or other building.

11. An Artifact Wall 

Decorating a wall with artifacts that are unique or quirky is very popular these days. Think of masks, kites, colored bottles. From war memorabilia to keepsakes, from mint condition records to first-edition toys still in their packaging. 

You can choose your own style or engage those around you for contributing their own keepsakes.

12. Bookshelves

Wall to wall bookshelves is perfect for displaying a large collection. Or for showcasing books related to your workspace. 

This is a great way to get people engaged. Books can also encourage workers, employees, and customers to increase their interaction with others. All in all, books make everyone feel welcome in a space.

Do away with clutter so that your theme is more clearly visible. Also, try to keep away from religious or political motifs and posters, for obvious reasons.

Walls of your offices, shops, or other buildings are crying out for a revamp. So choose and pick from the above ideas. Put your own spin on it. Combine design elements like artificial ivy plants and marble plates for a boho-chic look. And craft out beautiful walls for your space.