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16 Faux Landscaping Essentials For 2022

Incredibly lifelike and ever-fresh, faux landscaping plants and trees can liven up any space; be it your office, retail store, reception, lobby, or rooftop. 

Agreed, genuinely lifelike faux plants and trees are hard to find, but we have come a long way from the plasticky, waxy-looking fake greens that used to be dust magnets. 

The trend these days are faux greens that are easy to clean and maintain. They don’t just look good, they look real.

From immaculate artificial boxwood topiaries that stand sentinel in your driveway to the more humble succulents, you have so much to choose from. Here is a list that lets you explore the best faux plants and trees with a million styling possibilities.

1. Palm Trees

Artificial palm trees for sale are plentiful, and choosing the right one would mean the difference between “cringe” and “gorge”.

artificial palm trees for sale

Understand your space and what sort of coverage you are looking for and choose from bottle palms, butterfly palms, and the all-around favorite, Areca Palm.

2. Cactus

These prickly fellas are a nice addition to your outdoor spaces as well as indoors. A convincing green place is sure to have a few of these artificial cactus plants. Take your pick from the New Mexico Cactus, the Saguaro Cactus, the Prickly Pear Cactus, and the Barrel Cactus plant among several other fake cactus plants.

3. Boxwood Topiary

For a touch of understated elegance, add faux topiary outdoors such as a boxwood ball topiary to your driveway for an elegant look. Add boxwood topiary balls in stone stands in stairwells to give them a smidge of freshness. Topiary hedges are a great way to mark territory and not worry about the maintenance that comes with live hedges.

boxwood topiary

4. Fig Branches

There’s something about these fig branches carelessly arranged on the dinner table that makes it a conversation starter. Try to get your hands on ones with realistic fruits attached and this centerpiece is sure to be a hit with your dinner guests.

5. Sword Fern

Ideal for those bald spots in your landscaping, the Sword Fern can be easily placed to accentuate your flowering plants. Available in columns, foliage, and bushes, fake green plants like these are rugged yet delicate-looking, at the same time. 

6. Janet Craig Plant

The perfect plant for interior landscaping, the Janet Craig Plant would offer semi-dense foliage, with the perfect, natural-looking hues. Bright, leafy, and colorful, this plant is sure to give an airy feel to any room.

7. Snake Plant

Fleshy and colorful, the snake plant is perfect for entryways, coffee tables, side tables, and even that hard-to-reach kitchen corner. You can keep it on a high shelf and forget about it, checking in once in a while for a gentle wipe. Easiest to clean, for sure!

snake plant

8. Agave Bush

The perfect companion to your aloe vera plants, the agave bush creates a sense of space in all indoor locations. You can add flowering elements for a sort of yin and yang, or pair it with other pricklies for a rugged effect. Very popular for desert landscapes, as well as office cubicles that could do with some green additions.

9. Rex Begonia Plant

Stunning by itself, with its purple-silver foliage, the Rex Begonia is the much-needed splash of color in an otherwise drab green space. Use it sparingly at entryways or near windows. You can also pair it with either palms or shrubs for an aesthetic yet fun feel.

10. Acacia Plant

Need to add textures to your outdoor landscaping? The Acacia Plant, with its natural-looking wooden trunk and bright foliage, is the perfect faux plant for your space. Whether in a stone pot or a crochet-covered terracotta pot, the acacia pleases the eye no matter what.

11. Yucca Plant

Impressive and regal-looking, Yuccas are comfortable by themselves as well as offer great companionship to all landscaping designs. Opt for a hedge for a neat look that can’t be beaten, or put them in pots around your green space for a burst of colors.

12. Azalea Plant

Very few artificial plants can match the energy that an Azalea will bring to your green space. From office nooks to living room corners, the splash of red and green coupled with dense foliage, this plant is ideal for a variety of arrangements.

13. Caladium Plant

Another one of those flashy faux plants that would offer a respite from all the green of a landscaping project. Alternate them with plants such as Dieffenbachia or pair them with cacti, for an aesthetic appeal. The Caladium also looks good in mirrored areas where their colors are reflected, creating a feeling of vastness even in smaller spaces.

14. Hawthorne Vine

Every perfect-looking green space needs a few vines. The drooping, sweeping vines bring out the most beautiful features of a space, drawing your eyes towards it. The Hawthorne vine, with its intense colors and real-looking twigs, is the ultimate when trying to decorate balconies and parapets.

15. Croton Plant

Bringing shades of magenta, pink and green with it, the Croton Plant looks as lifelike as possible. Perfect for your office cubicle as well as hallways that need a break from monotones, the Croton plant is gaining popularity rapidly.

16. Dieffenbachia Plant

Sure to be one of the most stunning additions to your faux plants’ collection, the Dieffenbachia has dense foliage and a pleasing aura. Botanically accurate leaves that have detailed veins and colors make it a must-have for your living rooms. 

Faux plants and trees can be the soul of an idyllic haven full of greenery and charm. Replica plant options are many; all you need to do is visualize the hues of nature you want around you.

Needless to say, realistic-looking artificial boxwood topiary, cactus, palms, and other trees and plants are a blessing. That’s even truer for anyone looking to green up their space but cannot afford to spend the time and energy. Take the stress away from landscaping, and make an investment in the gift that keeps on giving, year after year, with minimal maintenance.