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7 Artificial Pine Trees For Rainforest Theme

Airbnb confirmed 40% of Americans prefer to spend their time relaxing on vacation. Thus, you’d want to offer the opportunity when they’re in your resort. What better than a rainforest theme to offer the Americans the same?

Rainforest themes create a sense of forest bathing. The thick foliage, dense canopy, and heavy vegetation help travelers relax.  

Artificial pine trees help you to create a rainforest look without the hassles of maintaining it. Choose from our 7 artificial pine trees as per your need. 

7 artificial pines for a rainforest theme

1. White Pine

Long, soft, blue-green needles. Only pine trees in the East bear five needles to a bundle. The largest pine tree in the Northeast U.S. That’s white pine for you. The tree thrives in eastern North America. 

The fast-growing evergreen tree can grow up to 80 feet. The tree thrives on at least 4 hours of direct sunlight each day. 

However, our artificial pine trees for outside use aren’t fussy. Furthermore, you won’t need to arrange well-drained soil or prune the tree at regular intervals.

The fake pine tree decor adds a rustic look to your resort. With our fake pine trees ranging from 4 feet to 26 feet in height, you can go for any look you want. 

2. Buddhist Pine 

The Buddhist Pine attracts the eye with its dense canopy and dark green leaves. Also known as the Yew Pine, the tree is native to Southern Japan and China. 

The tree thrives on well-drained soil and filtered sunlight. Our faux trees, however, have no such requirements. Dust the artificial tree regularly or shower it once a week and the tree will remain attractive.

The tree adds height, color, and a sense of calm to any space. Furthermore, the dense canopy soothes the eye. The tree is best suited for placing on the foyer or the entryway. 

Furthermore, we offer artificial Buddhist pine branches as well. With 8 to 26 feet faux pine trees, we have an option for any style you want.

fake pine trees rainforest themefake pine trees rainforest theme

3. Long Needle Pine

Long needle pine trees have needles 8 to 18 inches long. Our faux pines with their large artificial pine branches mimic the same. Native to the Southeastern U.S., the trees grow up to 100 feet.

The live trees thrive on moist and well-drained soil. Furthermore, the trees need direct sunlight as well. Our faux pine trees won’t need any of it. Furthermore, artificial trees never suffer from fungal diseases the live tree falls prey to.

The dark green leaves and muted bark blend in with the surroundings and soothe the eye. You can find faux trees ranging from 4 to 26 feet in height. 

4. Lodgepole Pine

Twisted turf-green needles. Pyramid-shaped foliage. Thick woody trunk. These are the focal points of a Lodgepole pine. The tree thrives in the U.S. and Canadian provinces.

The live tree grows best in direct full sunlight. With artificial trees, however, you won’t need to think about anything. Furthermore, you won’t need to water the artificial pines daily; something that’s essential to the live tree.

The live trees attract numerous pests including the Mountain pine beetle. Artificial trees won’t have any such pest attacks (of course).

The tree produces pale yellow flowers in June. However, the faux pine trees remain in perpetual bloom. Thus, your resort will always have a pop of color. 

Add the Lodgepole pine to your resort for a touch of grandeur.

artificial pine trees

5. Scotch Pine

Scotch Pine is the national tree of Scotland. Also known as the Scots Pine, the tree is famous for its usage as a Christmas tree. 

The long and straight central trunk and scaly bark attract the eye. The tree sheds its 1 to 4 inches long needles every three years. Furthermore, the pinkish-red (when young) to grey-brown (when matured) pine cones add a pop of color. 

The live tree thrives on at least six hours of direct bright sunlight. Artificial trees, of course, have no such needs. Furthermore, the artificial trees never fall prey to pest attacks and diseases such as the pine wilt disease.

With its dark-green foliage and upward boughs, the faux Scotch pine trees add a sense of holiday to your resort. The feature makes the tree a great choice for artificial pine Christmas trees.

6. Short Needle Pine

If you want to add a light and flowy appeal to your resort, short needle pines are ideal for you. 

The live tree thrives on direct bright sunlight. Furthermore, the soil must be well-drained and rich in nutrients. Imagine having to make such an arrangement in your resort. The solution? Artificial short needle pines.

Furthermore, with artificial pines, you won’t have to worry about pest attacks or pruning. 

The artificial short needle pines come with dark green leaves and brown-colored barks. Thus, the colors soothe the eye without overpowering other elements in the setting.

Our faux short needle pine is created with UV-resistant foliage. Thus, the foliage color won’t fade in years.

large artificial pine branches

7. Limber Pine

Limber pine—with its dark blue-green needles—adds a touch of sophistication to any resort. Native to the Western U.S., the evergreen tree grows up to 40 feet.

The live tree needs partial to full sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. Furthermore, the tree thrives on moist, well-drained soil. Faux limber pines, of course, won’t have such needs. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about pest attacks and bark diseases the live tree falls prey to. 

The rustic trunk adds structure and texture to the faux limber pine trees. The tree is available in a tea-green color as well.

Artificial pine trees and rainforest theme to WOW your guests

Many people prefer to spend money on experiences over things. With the artificial pines and the rainforest theme, offer your guests an experience of a relaxing environment. Do it right and your resort will continue to flourish.