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7 Hot New Office Design Trends for 2022

The workplace is constantly changing. The year 2022 brings with it plenty of new office design trends in terms of decor and use of tech. Some are a take on existing trends. And some are brand new, sure to add the perfect touch to your office space.

Sustainable Offices are the Flavor of the Day

While trends embodying sustainability in offices have been around for a decade now, in 2022 it comes more in focus. A combination of various sustainable solutions is the way to go this year.

Usage of bio-based materials in construction and redesigning is one way to create a sustainable office space. So is recycling more, reducing waste, and repairing machinery instead of getting new ones. 

Using refurbished furniture is also a part of sustainable new trends in office layout. Several platforms now offer resold furniture, even customizing them as per your needs.

Biophilic Offices for Indoors that Mimic Outdoors

Biophilia is playing a big role in creating offices that are like a “back to nature” experience. Plants and organic materials for construction are already being used in offices. But in 2022 the emphasis is on an essential green space.

You can get the look with the help of balcony gardens. Or you can place a few potted plants around the office. 

If you do not want to get into the extra care that living plants need, opt for artificial plants. These faux plants and trees last longer and need next to no maintenance.

The best faux trees and plants for offices are cedar trees, pothos, and cacti. Even fake bamboo trees are preferred since they look so realistic. Their foliage offers the perfect coverage for spaces of all kinds.

Bold Colors For Brighter Spaces

Office walls are traditionally painted in muted, functional colors. However, one of the office design trends in 2022 is to create a warm interior space with the use of brighter colors on the palette.

Grays, dull cream, and white have been shown the door. Instead, jewel tones and light fluorescent are beckoning the norm. Think dual-toned furniture, colorful planters, plain carpets with swatches of colors, and colorful artwork on the walls.

Research shows that bold colors and vibrant shades make people feel good. Office color trends 2022 include the usage of shades of red and pink. These colors are ideal for heightening attention span and improving people’s moods. 

Comforts of Home in the Office

Almost everybody had to work from home during the pandemic-induced lockdown. People have gotten comfortable in their WFH spaces. 

This is why bringing the comforts of home into the office is trending in such a big way. The use of soft and warm colors is a must for this trend. A lived-in look is what people need to look at, instead of something that looks purely functional.

Think rounded and soft furniture, natural lighting, and personal knick-knacks arranged in artful ways to create the perfect look. The year 2022 is all about recreating the relaxed feel of home in the office.

Go ahead, bring a few faux plants in, a couple of throws for the couches, and your very own personalized coffee mug! Create your own cozy corner in the office.

Multi-functional Spaces – Convertible Offices, flexible

Offices in 2022 are going to be all about hybrid designs and multi-functional spaces. With lots of companies downsizing their workforce as well as their office spaces, this makes a lot of sense.

There are a lot of ways to make this happen! Think of break rooms that can double up as brainstorming spaces. Seating arrangements, such as not having specific seats for employees ensure office resources are shared.

Cubicles are out. Large, open spaces are in. Creating an informal mood for engaging the employee better is part of what the trend is all about.

The one cardinal rule of multi-functional spaces is that the clutter has to be kept at a minimum. This helps in achieving a cleaner look. And makes it easy to change the space up for the next event.

Smart Access Offices

Smart access for offices is becoming very popular as post-Covid office design trends. With QR codes and OTPs taking the place of biometric doors or sign-in sheets, office goers can rely on being safe from the transmission of diseases.

There are plenty of touchless check-in solutions doing the rounds of offices. Voice activation as a technology is being used in a lot of offices in 2022, mainly for accessing control points such as lifts, mechanized doors, and turnstiles at entry points.

The idea behind this is to minimize the touching of surfaces on a daily basis. 

Other solutions to be used for creating smart offices in 2022 include:

  • Sensors for monitoring indoor air quality
  • Lift and door buttons/handles at foot level
  • Sanitization sprays that can be operated with your foot
  • Smart heating and lighting tech
  • Touchless payments at cafeterias

Sanitation Facilities

With the pandemic came the necessity to sanitize our surroundings and our hands at regular intervals. All offices now have sanitizing stations or sanitizer bottles on every desk, reception, and meeting room.

One of the major office design trends in 2022 is to create a sort of sanitization nook that does not look like it is out of place in a professional setting. A bottle jutting out of a foot pedal dispenser is not the look you want to go for.

You can place sanitizers at all strategic places across the office premises. Dress up the area with a few plants, shelves, and books to keep with your office theme.

  • Other things you can do keeping the sanitization point in mind includes:
  • Trash cans to be located at common spaces instead of at individual desks
  • Use of gloves by cafeteria staff
  • Assignment of personal storage space for hybrid offices
  • Regular clean up of break room appliances such as microwaves, hot plates and refrigerators.

Now that you are aware of the office decor trends for 2022, go ahead and give your office that essential makeover!