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Landscaping Trends to Embrace this Summer

Got outdoor space? Waiting for the summer to enjoy the outdoors?

But before you get ready, don’t forget to get your garden ready too. After all, it’s one thing enjoying a fine garden, and another thing enjoying a trendy, fine garden. 

Multiple outdoor living areas. Perhaps. 

A campfire area. Hmm.

Tropical features. Exciting.

Landscape lighting. Yes.

Vertical gardens. What’s that?

Artificial plants? Smart.

Moss instead of just trees? Maybe, if it’s not troublesome. (It’s not.)

Anyways, here are the top 12 summer landscaping trends.

1. Experiment with Colors

Faux plants that have striking foliage and fiery tones such as purple, red, and orange contrast with pale green leaves. Add plants with contrasting colors and make your garden a showstopper.


Pro tip: Add bright faux flowering plants like Bromeliad and Azaleas for a splash of color.

2. Add Pet-friendly Plants

During the pandemic, people experienced high rates of loneliness. This, along with a sudden switch to WFH motivated a large number of people to get a pet. Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, turtles, geckos, fish—you name it! Animal shelters across the world saw high rates of adoption.  As you get your backyard summer-ready, don’t forget to nurture non-toxic and pet-friendly plants.

Pro tip: Switch to artificial plants to prevent any injury or harm to your pets.

3. Bring the Tropics Home

One of the latest trends of the summer is to add tropical elements to your landscape. These plants need extra TLC to thrive and adapt to the climate and soil conditions of your surroundings. Use flowers, palm trees, and water features to experience those tropical vibes.

artificial tropical plants

Pro tip: Give your yard a tropical feel without too much extra effort by adding artificial palm trees to your backyard.

4. Get Inspired by the Plant of the Year

Every year, the National Garden Bureau, a non-profit organization focusing on plant-specific garden tips and inspiration selects plants for the year. This year’s plants are lilacs, verbenas, phlox, gladiolus, peperomia, and salad greens.

Pro tip:  Add artificial hedges or topiaries to contrast with the vibrant colors of gladiolus and lilac flowers.

5. Engage in Eco-friendly Practices

Sustainability is the need of the hour. That’s why it’s no surprise that sustainable gardening was one of the most popular landscaping trends of 2021. This continues to be the case in 2022 as well. This year, even more people are adopting eco-friendly practices in their lives. This includes sustainable gardening techniques too.

Pro tip: Preserved moss is a sustainable and easy way to add greenery and color to your landscape.

6. Practise Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is one of the growing trends of 2022. This trend means saying ‘no’ to synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and ‘yes’ to compost and natural pesticides. It’s a return to old-school techniques to ensure healthy soil and plants.

Pro tip: Before starting organic gardening, get your hands dirty and try to make your own compost.

7. Use Vertical Gardens

Another hot trend this summer is not just using the floor, but beautifying vertical spaces as well.  Add dimension to a ‘plain’ landscape. Use arches, green walls, climbers, or even rooftop gardens.

vertical garden rooftop

Pro tip: Add faux moss, vines, and creepers to turn existing walls or fences into green walls.

8. Feature Natural Materials around Plants

Having large trees and plants in your backyard is common. But, one of the biggest trends of this summer is surrounding these faux plants with natural elements. Whether that means more natural walkways like cobble-stoned paths, having mini ponds in the garden, or even adding linen and bamboo elements.

Pro tip: For potted plants, swap out existing plastic pots with rustic metallic or ceramic pots.

9. Switch to faux plants

During the pandemic, a large number of people who were forced to stay home made the most of it by getting more indoor plants and outdoor trees. Now, as they head back to work, they still want to hold on to their green oasis. So, workspaces are switching to synthetic plants.

Pro tip:  Ensure that the system you select has features customized to your needs.

10. Use Discrete Lighting

Long sunny days are a given in the summertime. But, your corporate garden isn’t meant to be enjoyed only during the day. One trend that will make sure you can enjoy your garden even at night is using discrete lawn lighting in your landscape.  From light-up planters to built-in lighting, to pathway lights at the edge of your walkway, you can find lighting that highlights your outdoor space instead of taking away from its beauty.

Pro tip: Make the most of the sun this summer by finding solar-powered lamps for your outdoor space.

11. Focus on Pathways and Walkways 

Improve both the utility and appeal of your outdoor space with well-designed pathways and walkways. Called “hardscapes,” these can come in many different varieties. Check out hardscape pavers, granite brick, and natural stone laid in different patterns. You can consider even adding single well-placed logs and natural stones. This can help your visitors get from one section of the garden to another without stepping on delicate plants or damaging your garden decor.

Pro tip: Highlight special sections using tree stumps and logs.

12. Create an Outdoor Entertainment Space

While the pandemic continues, more people are deciding not to go out for entertainment. Instead, they’re choosing to stay at home and invite friends over. This leads to a growing need for an inviting outdoor entertainment space. Add entertainment features like a fire pit, comfy furniture, and barbeque grills to make others feel warm and invited. You can even use speakers and a projector screen to create a multimedia extravaganza in your backyard.

Pro tip: Start off with some great furniture and build up from there.

Use these tips to create a trendy outdoor space you can spend time in this summer. After all, the most important thing is to have a healthy garden that you enjoy.