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7 Landscaping Trends For 2022

If you’re looking for something new this year, orange is your answer. Different hues, shades, and values can open a whole new realm of landscaping. 

Orange can interact very well with different earthy tones like brown and green. Orange accent objects can help you design an area with exuberant flora and fauna. Because it gives you a unifying factor to plan the landscape. 

Burnt orange and tangerine have emerged as favorite shades in gardens recently. But how the area looks come down to how you handle the color.

We are here to help you with that. Here are 7 landscaping trends that are up and coming in 2022. All these trends use orange as an accent. 

1. Orange feature walls with cherry blossoms

An orange wall can add an instant splash of bright color in your garden. It can light up any area, making it a perfect choice for an accent wall.

The bright, warm color reflects sunshine, reminding one of joyous spring. And one else the sun sets, it becomes reminiscent of autumn. 

If you are planning on a pool, place the wall adjacent to it. Blue tones are complementary to orange tying together the entire look. The contrast brings out the best in the both.

Orange also goes really well with pink shades- light pink, cherry pink, lilac. A fake cherry blossom tree is an excellent accompaniment to the accent wall. You can get it in shades of cherry, pink white, and yellow. And because it is a fake tree, you don’t have to worry about upkeep or high maintenance costs. Just enjoy the aesthetic appeal. 

The cherry blossom tree is the perfect spot to have picnics under or just hang out, especially in cafes and restaurants. Diners are always on the lookout for good spots for pictures. Nothing is better than a cherry blossom tree against an orange wall. 

2. Burnt orange for brick paving

If you’re thinking of adding a barbecue place to your landscaping plan, go for it. It’s a great addition. Grilling in nature and eating in it is extremely pleasurable and makes the food more enjoyable. Most importantly, it provides a change of space.

In offices, it can serve as a hangout spot and in restaurants, it can help create a live-cooking counter with outdoor seating. 

The burnt orange color for brick paving is our recommendation. The calming color resembling fire sets up a wholesome ambiance for barbecuing.

Add plants with light green foliage in tall charcoal gray pots to complete the look of your outdoor cooking station. 

3. Tall orange planters with artificial boxwood topiary

While thinking of landscaping, think about the colors of your property. Your property is the backdrop for your garden.

Orange with pastel shades go very well as they present a combination of contrast and harmony. Warm colors like pink, light yellow will also harmonize with orange very well. 

In such cases, we recommend that you get tall orange planters and place them right in front of your property. This should be the first thing that passers-by see. Place artificial topiary trees in the planters to achieve a cleaner look. 

Boxwood topiaries are trimmed to have a specific shape. You can pick something abstract or geometric- letters of your company’s name, the company logo. 

With an artificial boxwood topiary, you don’t have to constantly worry about grooming, trimming to achieve and maintain the shape. You can get the aesthetic appeal and uniformity it brings, instantly.

4. Small orange egg pots

Small orange egg pots are perfect for your succulents. They are cute and attractive. You can hang them in your garden or just have a small display.

Orange adds a splash of color to the small succulents and makes the environment look fun. Additionally, egg points are usually very cheap. 

It also helps bring balance to your garden with the elaborate structures by introducing smaller elements. 

5. Orange with neutral shades and an artificial hedge wall

The garden is usually composed of neutral colors. Colors like white, cream, beige. Usually, the furniture used also has similar tones. While it gives the place a sophisticated and clean look, it takes away from the actual potential of landscaping.

Incorporating colors, new designs, and objects in the garden are important. But for more sober spaces, like work envious, you don’t want to be over the top. So, we recommend that you add some orange flowers along the sides of these neutral shades. It makes your garden pop.

Along with this, you can use an artificial hedge wall instead of a fence. Fences are boring and old, the artificial boxwood hedges provide you privacy with extra greenery. 

It blends in with your garden. The shades of dark green, white, and orange really go well in a garden creating balance and uniformity without looking extravagant. 

6. Orange in outdoor seating with fake fig trees

Because orange is a warm and welcoming color, it is a great color choice for outdoor seatings. Invite your empties, clients, diners to orange chairs, an orange table, or something simpler, like an orange umbrella. 

A fake fig tree is an easy way to enhance this decor. The large, broad leaves with their rich dark green tone compliment the orange tone very well. 

It adds an air of luxury, making the place inviting and visually appealing. 

7. Using orange accents in different settings

If your garden has brick paving or your house has a brick finish, colors like orange, yellow and scarlet, the hot colors, will go together extremely well. You can also add mellower tones like peach pinks and light yellow. 

Plant some sunflowers in orange pots, some bright red flowers against neutral shades. This adds a lot of color and variety to the garden. 

You can also pick violet flowers or plants with purple or burgundy foliage, along with orange tones. 

If your property is a shade of blue, the color orange is the perfect fit. It stands right across blue on the color wheel making the combination extremely pleasing.  You can plant lavenders, plants with silver or blue-green foliage to enhance the look.