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8 Essentials For Biophilic Coworking Spaces

Coworking is a trend that took off in the last decade. The practice helps save money and space. But most importantly, coworking helps increase productivity. 

The coworking space, by design, focuses on improving your productivity. Elements like colors, lighting, nature, if implemented correctly, can improve your productivity. Biophilic coworking spaces utilize the healing properties of nature to make a workspace more enjoyable. The presence of plants in an office environment helps decrease stress. 

Green, the color of nature, is known to have a calming effect on people. And spaces with plants in them are also likely to be well-lit. This has a positive impact on your mental and physical health. But managing live plants in an office may be hard. Luckily, faux plants also have the same effect

8 Plants for Biophilic Coworking Spaces 

Sugar Maple Tree

The Sugar Maple is a large flowering plant that grows in the eastern U.S. and Canada. Sugar Maple is the prime source of maple syrup, which is the sap of the maple tree.

sugar maple tree

In the design world, the Sugar Maple is celebrated for its splendid foliage. In the fall, the leaves turn to shades of red, orange, and yellow. These warm colors help evoke energy and optimism. This in turn helps improve your mood. 

To have the fall colors year-round, you can buy an artificial sugar maple tree from Commercial Silk. This way, you can bring the gigantic tree indoors and revel in the colors in your office space. 

Ficus Benjamina Tree

The Weeping Fig or the Benjamin Fig is a flowering plant native to Asia and Australia. The tree produces figs, a unique fruit. Why is it unique? Because there is no flower that precedes the fruit, rather just the fruit that pops through.

Ficus benjamina tree

The Ficus tree is a major source of indoor allergens. The tree can trigger severe allergic reactions like rhinoconjunctivitis and allergic asthma. But if you got a faux ficus tree, you wouldn’t have to suffer through this.   

The dark green of the leaves helps in creating a calming aura in the workspace. That combined with the ashy-brown bark takes you straight to nature. 

Madagascar Dragon Tree

The Dracaena Marginata is a popular beginner-friendly indoor plant. The leaves are long and thin with varying shades of green, and red edges. This drought-resistant house plant also cleans formaldehyde from the air.

Dracaena Marginata

Though an artificial dracaena tree may not rid the air of toxins, it is pleasant to have in an office space. The brighter shade of green helps in energizing you and makes you feel more alert. The fake tree has a gnarled and twisted stump which gives it a touch of reality. Since this plant is on the smaller side, it is perfect for small office spaces or private rooms.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges 

Privacy is very important in a coworking space. But being boxed up in cement walls defeats the purpose of a coworking office. For this, artificial hedges are the perfect solution. The Boxwood shrub is a regular feature in landscaping projects. The shrub is dense and slow-growing, making it perfect to make a hedge with.

boxwood hedge wall

You can customize the size of your artificial boxwood hedge to suit the space. The hedge can be an imposing addition. Using it in a small office will make the space feel cramped. So use the hedge wall sparingly. 

Bougainvillea Plant 

This is a thorny vine that is famous for its gorgeous blooms. The plant is native to eastern South America but is used as an ornamental plant in many countries. The vine has small, bright green leaves. The plant typically has white flowers. The colorful ‘flowers’ are actually modified leaves that surround the white flower.


At Commercial Silk, you can get this plant in 2 forms (branch, garland) and in 4 different colors, including purple. Purple is a color that evokes creativeness. So this would be a good plant to use in an office space for a startup.

Rex Begonia 

The Painted-leaf Begonia is a flowering plant that is native to north India. The leaves grow in striking shades of purple, green, red, and silver. This is a houseplant that people grow for its leaves and not blooms.

rex begonia

This is an annual plant grown in warm climates that needs finicky care to thrive. But artificial Begonias look just as good, but won’t need the care.

Since it is fairly small, you can use the Begonia in a Bio Frame. Proper storage space is very important to keep an office tidy. A Bio Frame gives you a storage solution that also has a touch of greenery.

Bromeliad Plant

This is a flowering plant that is native to tropical America. But it is an adaptive plant that grows in other regions as well. The plant has long and thin leaves that are striped in different shades of green. Bromeliads have bright flowers that provide a colorful respite from dull furniture colors.


Since it is small, it is perfect for a desktop plant. Having bright colors right next to your workstation will help improve your mood.

Azalea Bonsai Plant 

Bonsai plants make the perfect addition to a workspace. A miniature bonsai fits perfectly into small spaces while giving the effect of a full plant. Azaleas are flowering plants that have stunning blooms. If left unchecked, Azaleas can grow into tree-sized plants. But it is more often pruned back and kept in a shrub size.

azalea bonsai

A live plant can be fussy and can die without care. So an artificial Azalea is the best option for an office. Commercial Silk’s Azalea plant is very lifelike and is perfect for the lobby area. Since it is small, you can place it on coffee tables as a centerpiece.

Biophilic coworking spaces are a creative way to help your employees with their productivity. Though the effect won’t be immediate, having trees in workspaces will definitely help in the long run.