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Artificial Boxwood for Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Boxwood is a popular and a versatile landscape feature used for indoor and outdoor designs, available in many formats, ready to make an immediate visual impression. Green, leafy and lush, the Boxwoods play a key role in office and commercial settings that need a bit more color and have a practical need for coverage in landscape space. We have a large collection of lifelike artificial boxwood in various styles and sizes to meet your requirements.

Boxwood, with all its lovely green tones and leafy fullness, is a wonderful way to add a natural looking greenscape, both indoors and outdoors, without the maintenance. This is ready to make an immediate impact without waiting years for growth. The boxwood, in all formats, will brighten up concrete patios, give life to vertical structures including walls and brings the outdoors to your interior design with a life-like liveliness not commonly found in artificial plants. It has a rejuvenating presence, strong visual appeal while adding charm and character.

Our Collection of Faux Boxwood Mats, Hedges, Rolls, and More

From artificial boxwood mats to faux boxwood hedges, if you are looking to carve out new spaces or you’re looking to update a social or gathering area, then our boxwoods are highly recommended. Available in wholesale pricing, they are made from premium quality material and are very low maintenance.

Historically, the versatile and highly adaptable boxwood has been a popular shrub in landscapes and gardens across the world. From privacy hedges to manicured green walls to topiary art forms, the boxwood has been a traditional and significant aspect of outdoor design. Whether it’s our office space or the hardscaped areas outdoors, a restaurant area or hotel landscaping, airport or commercial mall, the boxwood has universal appeal which will brighten up any space. The Boxwood has easily transitioned into modern design schemes as well, and out collection offers a wide array of styles. Whether you require boxwood hedges or mats for special installations, boxwood topiaries or rolls of boxwood greenery, we have them in various styles and sizes.

Why Buy Fake Boxwood from Commercial Silk Int’l?

Crafted by our expert team of designers, our collection of fake boxwood makes use of premium quality material and looks extremely lifelike. They have taken all of the fine details into account, including the texture and color of our boxwood, creating the best possible replica. Perfect for edges or perimeters of your commercial space, also as a fence or to create a symmetrical design in your setting. Our boxwood can do it all with effortless charm. No need to worry about the harsh weather conditions in your area, we assure you that no matter how harsh sun, snow, water and wind, this boxwood will never lose its sheen and wonderful foliage. They are inherently fade resistant and will continue to contribute to your design for years to come. 

Available for custom ordering, we can work with you and your landscape designers to create the right method or product to highlight or define certain areas of your space. We have helped to create some of the most spectacular landscape design in conjunction with our clients, with one of the largest boxwood collections available. Our boxwood products have been used and highly recommended by designers and architects alike to transform spaces into new venues.

Incorporated with fire resistant materials, our boxwood products are fire retardant as well as durable to last you for years to come.

Rich and captivating, boxwood is known to completely transform an area with its refreshing green color and feel. From an English cottage look to modern sophistication, you will see a remarkable transformation in your commercial space. For long lasting landscape design with timeless beauty and a bit of elegance, our boxwoods are perfect for you.

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