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The Biophilic Trend

As we enter the age of green spaces, many businesses and commercial properties are scrambling to design natural elements into their buildings just to keep up with the overwhelming trend. While a handful of potted plants is a good start, it still falls short of a true biophilic experience that communicates comfort and well-being. In order to accomplish that, you need a composition with real presence; something more than an invisible background element.

And if we’re talking about unmissable biophilic experiences, we’re already talking about Artificial Boxwood. And nobody makes botanically accurate boxwood better than Commercial Silk.

Green Spaces by the Square Foot

Our artificial boxwood greenery is by far the most versatile product out there in the world of faux plants. Grow a Greenwall overnight with super convenient modular boxwood mats that link together to form a seamless, non-repeating work of organic art that changes the very nature of your interior space. Cover the walls, cover the ceiling, the bar, the lobby, the pool deck, and cover it even faster with artificial boxwood rolls that come pre-linked for quick coverage in larger spaces.

Over our nearly fifty years of landscape design, we’ve come to closely understand the needs of our commercial clients, and have engineered our products to specifically for their process. We use a standard modular size boxwood mat panel backed on a plastic mesh that can be cut to any size on-site with basic tools, empowering your installers to work around site conditions with minimal complication, and get it done right the first time.

Natural Privacy

People are able to relax more easily while undisturbed, and find comfort more quickly when they’re away from prying eyes. While a brick wall certainly does the trick to give your guests or tenants a little privacy, it’s also incredibly costly and can send a cold message. The real solution is a faux boxwood hedge, an ever-green, perpetually perfect privacy wall that never looks out of place. These custom-sized hedges are relatively lightweight, but dense with expertly crafted boxwood greenery, and completely conceal the scene behind them.