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Boxwood is an all-time favorite and a timeless piece of indoor and outdoor decoration which is known to add freshness and elegance to any setting. They play a key role in a commercial setting when you have to add color and utility to your commercial space. We have a large collection of lifelike artificial boxwood in various styles and sizes to meet your requirements.

From artificial boxwood mats to faux boxwood hedges, if you are looking to divide your office space or you’re looking to create a refreshing reception area, then our boxwood is highly recommended. Available in wholesale pricing, they are made from premium quality material and do not require high maintenance.

One look at the history books and it’s clear that boxwood has been an ever-present in the gardens of our country and across the world. A history which goes back to the 16th century, boxwood has been a traditional and culturally significant aspect of outdoor design. Whether it’s our office space or the parking lot, restaurant area or hotel landscaping, airport or commercial mall, boxwood has a high appeal which will light up any space. Keeping in mind all the traditional glory and modern lifestyle, we have created a huge collection of artificial boxwood especially for commercial spaces which will introduce a high visual spectacle in your space. Whether you require boxwood hedges or mats, boxwood topiaries or rolls, we have them in various styles and sizes.

One of the popular and highly revered plants around the world, our boxwood is a wonderful addition to any landscape and will impart a majestic appearance which will equal its natural counterpart and comes with none of the hassle. If you have a dull space in your interior or exterior landscape, boxwood is the perfect choice. It will spread sparkle in the surrounding areas and will decorate any space where you place it in. It’s an extremely rejuvenating presence and it won’t just bring a visual appeal to the setting but it will also provide a sense of warmth.

Crafted by our expert team of designers, our collection of fake boxwood makes use of premium quality material and looks extremely lifelike. Having worked out minute details, the realism including the texture and color of our boxwood will leave you speechless. Perfect to mark the boundary of your commercial space as a fence or to create a symmetrical design in your setting, our boxwood can do it all with effortless charm. And if you are worried about the harsh weather conditions in your area, then let us assure you that no matter how harsh sun, snow, water and wind is, our boxwood will never lose its sheen and wonderful foliage. They are inherently fade resistant and will continue to give you joy till times to come.

An attractive and convenient option to define certain areas of your space, our boxwood plants will do it perfectly and spark energy and imagination in the setting. And if you are working on a special landscape and want to add finishing touches to it, then you must try our boxwood. No matter if you want to bring the fresh greens on the floor of your commercial setting to freshen things up or if you want to create a private space outdoors, our boxwood products have been used and highly recommended by designers and architects. They have been a revelation in any space they are put in.

Whether you want to use our boxwood as a divider in your large conference room or want to create an accent wall, boxwood does it with ease and panache. Incorporated with fire resistant materials, our boxwood products are fire resistant and will make sure that your space remains safe and secure in case of a fire outbreak. Reminiscent of good old days, these plants bring back the British cottage style decoration back and will give your commercial space a trendy makeover.

You just cannot get enough of these species. Rich and captivating, boxwood is known to completely transform an area with its refreshing color and feel. From disappointingly dour to brilliantly sophisticated, you will see a remarkable transformation in your commercial space. A vital feature of British gardens, boxwood brings a unique charm to the setting and is a wonderful epitome of the bygone era. So, if you are looking to bring something which stands for timeless beauty and elegance, then our boxwood is perfect for you.