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8 Faux Artificial Trees For Retail Parks

Wish to attract more traffic to your retail park or shopping center? Exercise the art of beautification through artificial trees, and make every corner of your mall look evocative and exotic. 

Artificial trees aren’t just as beneficial to you as real live trees but come with bonuses too. They require almost zero maintenance and no pruning. Aside from the fact that they would forever stay in bloom and never die, they are customized to your exact specifications.

Be it the large indoor atrium or the foyer of the center, you can easily install a red Japanese maple tree or a faux olive tree and make the space pop out with colors. Not to speak, they are pet-safe and child-safe. 

Here are eight faux artificial trees for retail parks. 

Red Oak Tree

Oak trees, especially well suited for commercial spaces, are notoriously tough and incredibly majestic. Known for their thick, deep-grained bark, attractive leaves, and twisted branches, they are a common sight across America.

faux red oak tree

This Northern Red Oak Tree enhances any space with gorgeous greenery with silk foliage. If you desire to create a more natural landscape, pair the Red Oak with prairie grasses and pines. They can be a great installment if your retail park has a traditional theme, adding a speck of hometown appeal.

You must not worry about damage from the sun and rain to the Red Oak Tree when added in the doorway of the shopping center. They are constructed with Permaleaf UV Resistant foliage that retains the brilliance of color without succumbing. 

Japanese Maple Tree

Artificial maple trees, without a doubt, are winners. They are bound to make a difference wherever it is that they’re installed, preferably in a library. If you are looking for positive mental stimulation, sit with a book and perhaps a cup of coffee next to the tree. 

Maple trees, distinguished by their star-like foliage, vibrant colors, and stunning canopies, are a treat for sore eyes. Owing to the customizable quality of artificial trees, you can add any color in the autumn spectrum to your foliage, presenting it for the fall festival season and luring so many fresh shoppers. 

This faux Japanese Maple Tree, standing at 14 feet, with its winding and floaty trunk stems, will be the highlight of your mall. 

Date Palm Tree

Why bother booking tickets to Hawaii when you can have a similar relaxing, sunny experience under the shade of a luxurious artificial palm tree in a shopping center closest to your block.

fake date palm tree

These tropical palm trees symbolize optimism and celebration. Artificial Date Palm Tree, also known as a Phoenix Dactylifera is an impeccable addition to all the places you could originally not plant a live date palm tree. They are constructed with utmost attention to intricate details like the trunk with a wonderful burst of fronds on the top. 

Date Palm Tree radiates warmth and will work wonders for your stress. This is an investment you will never have second thoughts about.

Ornamental Fruit Trees

They are an incredible addition to restaurants, eateries, or retail grocery stores with their lifelike green foliage and the enticing plump faux fruits, demanding to be plucked. If you fail to pick one tree, you can also install a grove with a combination of lemon, orange, and apple trees. Let’s be honest, you can customize the trees and replace the fruits with literally anything you want. 

They stand at 12 feet tall, emanating a sense of freshness and stirring a spike in energy. The lush green foliage against the contrast of crimson apples or oranges is enough to send you into a color-splattering frenzy. 

Rocky Mountain Pine Bonsai Tree

Exceptional additions to lobbies and reception areas, Artificial Bonsai Trees act as a great feature display. Live Bonsai trees demand a lot of care, be it with trimming and shaping the leaves or watering them timely. You won’t have that problem (obviously) with faux Pine Bonsai trees.

Rocky Mountain Pine Bonsai Tree

The Rocky Mountain Pine Bonsai Tree is supposed to invoke feelings of movement and botanical joy. Descending from a juniper family of trees, these artificial Pine Bonsai Trees stand distinct from others with a natural wood trunk and lifelike pine-needle foliage. As you should know, they can act as a stunning addition to a mountainside retreat design or complement a Japanese garden.

White Paper Birch Ceiling Tree

Birch trees are known for their signature rustic white barks and brilliant red and gold fall foliage. They are also one of the bestselling artificial outdoor trees.  As soon as you get the artificial Birch Tree installed, your commercial space will be swamped with starry-eyed people. 

The artificial White Paper Birch Ceiling Tree is framed with wood limbs and silky luxurious faux birch foliage. Even if your space isn’t amazing in height and is rather snug, the ceiling tree will provide the illusion of a taller, grander tree. 

Ficus Benjamina Tree

Ficus is a tough plant to maintain. Not enough care and it dries up in a jiffy. Therefore, artificial Ficus trees are installed usually in a space where people meet to counter that problem. 

The lush green foliage, with its high density, imitates the real green tree ensemble rather well. They appear so inviting that a passerby is bound to stop and stare. Benjamina Ficus, also known as the Weeping Fig, native to Asia and Australia is one of the best additions to commercial spaces. 

You can customize them according to seasons; tropical to modern. You can even arrange them to your liking for a traditional theme. 

Cell Tower Pine Tree

Artificial Pine trees are known for their needle-like foliage. They scream elegance and charm while also appearing ready-for-winter kind of snug and cozy. 

Well suited for office atrium and shopping centers, faux Pine Trees do not go out of fashion. You can install the Cell Tower Pine Tree on existing structures too. Weather and fade-resistant, they can beautify any exterior structure or even create a landscape out of something that doesn’t appear inviting. 

Artificial trees are a great addition to your commercial landscape. Choose wisely and bring that Mediterranean greenery to your retail center.