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8 Faux Trees For Exotic Landscaping

Research shows that trees and plants reduce anxiety and stress, enhance happiness and satisfaction, boost creativity, and do more. 

But here’s the thing. Artificial trees and plants can give you the same benefits. 

When you own a hotel, a high-end resort, or a retail store, you want your space to be inviting and make your guests feel relaxed and joyful. And with artificial greenery, you can do just that.

For instance, a Fig tree or a Cherry Blossom tree can be a dazzling focal point for both your exterior and interior commercial landscape. 

Here are our top picks of 8 faux trees for an exotic landscape.

Fiddle leaf fig tree

Hailed by the New York Times as the “it” tree of the past decade, the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is a bold modern tree that can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

fiddle leaf fig tree

Native to present-day Cameroon and Sierra Leone, this tree with its large, broad, oh-so-green leaves, can add a touch of grandeur to your office space, or mall.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is said to be one of the toughest plants to maintain. Why? Too many things that this tree doesn’t appreciate—too wet soil, too dry soil, too much sun, too little sun, hot or cold drafts. 

But with our fake Fig tree, you can leave all those worries behind. Incorporate a fake Fig tree into your commercial landscape and see your space come alive.

Cherry Blossom Tree

Could there be anything more exotic than a Cherry Blossom tree? 

Symbolizing renewal and the ephemeral nature of life, their billowy pink and white spring-time blooms usually last for 2 weeks and then fall off.

But that isn’t the case with a Cherry Blossom tree. A fake Cherry Blossom tree is the best way to welcome all the spring vibes into your exterior commercial landscape. Get them in brilliant hues of cherry, pink white, or yellow for a splash of color and a touch of drama.

If you want your hotel or spa to exude the charm of springtime all year round, then an artificial Japanese Cherry Blossom tree is the way to go.

Japanese Maple Tree

Looking for a spectacular focal point for your interior commercial landscape? The Japanese Maple tree is a fine candidate.

This small deciduous tree has tiny, delicate leaves with pointed lobes spreading outward that resemble fingers on a palm. Renowned for its phenomenal fall foliage, this tree has leaves with hues ranging from purple, yellow, and red to green and orange.

If you would like to have the colors of autumn frozen in time in your mall or resort, then our faux Japanese Maple tree is sure to do the trick. With curvy winding trunk stems that bear a gorgeous canopy of leaves, our artificial Japanese Maple trees are the perfect, maintenance-free replicas of their real counterparts.

Magnolia Tree

Native to Asia, and North and Central America, the remarkable Magnolia tree is known to be the oldest of all flowering plant families. Featuring dark green, waxy, oval-shaped leaves, the colors of the Magnolia blooms vary from creamy white, yellow, and pink to purple and green, depending on the species.

magnolia tree

Magnolias usually bloom from April to June. But with our artificial Magnolia tree, you and your patrons can bask in the beauty of these lovely blooms all year round. This grand versatile tree can instantly add a touch of spring and a feeling of serenity to your commercial landscape.

Date Palm Tree

Who wouldn’t want to walk into a pool patio and be greeted by tall, graceful Date Palm trees? Synonymous with toasty sunny beaches, these trees can instantly transport you to a balmy tropical paradise. 

The Date Palm tree proudly displays its splendid fiber-covered trunk that terminates in a crown of evergreen, fan-shaped, pinnate leaves. 

A faux Date Palm tree can infuse a warm and fuzzy vacation ambiance in your hotel premises or resort. A lifelike replica of the real tree, our fake Date Palm trees can accent your existing architectural features while adding oodles of exotic beauty to your landscape.

Pin Oak Tree

Native east of the Mississippi River, the Pin Oak tree is a fast-growing, deciduous oak belonging to the red oak group. This stately ovate-shaped tree can grow up to 70 feet tall and has bristle-tipped leaves that are usually 3 to 6 inches long.

Their leaves transition from lush green in the summer to a fiery red or bronze in the fall. 

Whether it’s a summery feel or an autumn vibe that you want to add to your sprawling commercial landscape, a maintenance-free artificial Pin Oak tree is a perfect choice. 

Sugar Maple Tree

One of the best-loved plants in the U.S., the Sugar Maple tree stands tall with a luxurious crown of foliage that is sure to leave anyone mesmerized. The Sugar Maple has the distinction of being the national tree of Canada and also the state tree of New York, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Vermont.

This tree displays exquisite 5-lobed green leaves with toothed edges that turn into glorious shades of yellow, orange, or scarlet in the autumn. 

Want to inject a naturalistic arbor feeling into your commercial space? Our Sugar Maple Tree with options for both the summer and fall foliage, will not disappoint.

Fan Palm Tree

Want your resort to be reminiscent of a tropical Caribbean island or a warm sunny beach in Mexico? Look no further than faux Fan Palm trees.

fan palm tree

Native to Northern Mexico, the Fan Palm trees have reddish-brown columnar trunks with a crown of deep green leaves that spread out in an alluring fan silhouette. 

Install a cluster of faux Fan Palm trees in your commercial landscape and watch your patrons gaze in wonder at their loveliness. The ideal way to add an abundance of tropical flair to your outdoor shopping malls, parks, or hotels.

Need to install a fake Fig tree, an artificial Magnolia tree, or a fake Cherry tree in your commercial space? Contact Commercial Silk today.