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8 Theme Landscaping Ideas Youll Love - February 2022

Want to design your own coastal themed landscape? The trick is to envision the beach. 

The coastal theme means outdoors, plants that are reminiscent of waves crashing against the shore. Whether your property faces the beach or not, your coastal paradise will bring the freedom and wildness of the coast right in front of your eyes.

In offices, it makes a great space to relax and refresh. Same for other commercial properties. Nothing like hanging out with your friends, colleagues, or clients in your own evergreen tropical nirvana.

However, planting live plants on your property requires a lot of upkeep and can be expensive. So, we recommend using a mix of faux and real plants. 

Here are 8 plants and trees to create your Coastal Evergreen Landscape.

1. Faux palm trees

A coastal landscape is simply incomplete without palm trees. You think of the beach, you think of tall palm trees. They’re iconic. 

Palm trees’ natural habitat is the seashore. Incorporating fake palm trees will give your garden a luxurious and relaxed look. 

Their blade-like leaves, thick trunks are the embodiment of the coastal vibe and serve as the perfect backdrop for other design elements. 

Real, outdoor palm trees need bright sunlight and hot weather. This might not be possible for all properties. Weather shouldn’t prevent you from having your own coastal space. 

Hence, we recommend looking for fake palm trees for sale. They’re evergreen, require little to no maintenance, and still look as good as the real ones.

2. Fake bamboo plants

Fake bamboo plants are another great addition to your tropical landscape. The slender green leaves and tall stems give a peaceful look and are perfect as entryway plants. 

Place them along the sides of the path leading up to the garden to complete the look. 

Bamboo plans usually require full sun and loamy soil. You also need to fertilize them and take very good care of them to ensure growth.

Fake bamboo plants require none of this and the best part is you don’t have to wait for them to grow. You can get the aesthetic appeal immediately. 

3. Faux bird of paradise plants

If you have a big spot in your garden and are unsure what you want to do with it, we’ve got the answer.  Bird of paradise plants is perfect for filling such spaces. 

They have large oblong leaves. The lush foliage makes one immediately think of the beach. 

However, like other tropical plants, they need bright, direct sunlight. They also need well-drained soil and careful watering. It can be a huge hassle when you have so many other plants to take care of too. 

So, get a faux bird of paradise plants. You get the same texture, same look but none of the work. 

The polyester foliage is the perfect choice to mimic the leaves of the actual plant. You can also pick sizes, ranging from 4-26 inches bringing diversity to your landscape.

4. Artificial fig tree

Fig trees are beautiful additions to the garden. Their large, broad leaves with intorven stems capture gazes instantly. 

Fig trees also need 7-8 hours of full sun a day. This is not easy to provide. You will have to install grow lights. 

However, it would be a shame to not add these plants to your garden. Artificial fig trees can give you the same look. Cheaper costs and no maintenance. They act as decorative accessories and because they’re small they can adorn big and small properties alike. 

Four low-maintenance real plants which are must-haves for a tropical landscape

5. Elephant Ears

These tropical plants are a favorite choice across the world. This is because of their large, heart-shaped leaves. 

These plants can also bloom. The lush green foliage will have beautiful large white or light yellow flowers amidst it bringing in a fragrance that can enshroud the room.

They grow very well in a few inches of standing water. So, if you’re planning on having a pond or a pool, it is best to plant these near such features.

You can also place them near the outdoor seating or on your patio. The heart-shaped foliage really helps build a cozy ambiance to socialize. 

6. Umbrella plant

As the name suggests, the foliage of this tropical plant resembles an umbrella. To complete the tropical loo, pair it with your faux bird of paradise plants. 

The plant needs bright, indirect sunlight and isn’t too high maintenance. You just have to water it once every 10 days and occasionally rotate it for even growth. 

These plants are also extremely resilient. Hence, they’ll live long even if you’ve been negligent. 

7. Philodendron

Philodendron has its perks. You get the tropical look without having to fulfill the sunlight requirements. This plant can grow in almost no sunlight.

They have large, lobed, or deeply cut leaves. The unique feature is that one plant won’t have the same kind of leaves. You’ll get variations of shapes and sizes in the same plant making it extremely pleasant to look at. 

Some variants also bear colorful foliage- shades of bright green, golden, purple. 

8. Norfolk Island Palm

Resembling small Christmas trees, these plants add a different touch to your garden; tropical and festive. 

The straight stems have leaves which look like needles that have curved inwards. 

However, you can’t grow this plant in cold areas. The temperature shouldn’t fall below 35℉ for the plant to thrive. It also needs bright and direct sunlight.

You only have to water the plant once every 1-2 weeks. Adjust the amount depending on the sunlight the plant is receiving. More sunlight means more watering. 

While coastal landscaping is something every property should consider, it is a must for properties actually located on the coast. The suburban restaurateur has a choice, the beachside cafe owner doesn’t. Coastal is IN. Coastal will never be OUT. Go for it. 

Resorts, cafes, and other commercial properties enjoy aesthetic and practical advantages. You can control erosion, buffer pollution, and also have lower maintenance concerns as the plants are in their native land.