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8 Boxwood Items - Enchanting And Useful

Planning for a green area for your office, shop, or corporate space? There are plenty of looks to go for, from light and breezy to elegant and sophisticated. In fact, Boxwood Beautification is trending these days.

Different plants and trees give off auras of different kinds. The boxwood tree has always been a favorite for landscapers. It is loved by contractors and interior decorators as well. 

Artificial topiary plants are a great idea for any space. It is great for foyers of hotels and offices. Bars and restaurants are also places that can use some greenery, faux or not. These faux plants are also perfect for entryways and stairways of corporate buildings and shops.

Ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use, faux topiary trees need very little maintenance. No need to trim them at all. They will always remain the same perfect shape that you got it in. No need for a gardener or for watering these plants regularly. In short, you pay for them once. And they pay for themselves several times over.

Here are 8 of the most beautiful and perfect topiary boxwood items to grace your green space.

1. Boxwood Rectangle Topiary

Perfect for spaces of all kinds, a rectangular topiary offers great coverage. The boxwood rectangle topiary is suited for both outdoor and indoor installations. Lush foliage and dense coverage give depth and texture. 

With the sizes being customizable, you can get the exact column that you need for your space. The material is weather-resistant and suitable for all types of environmental conditions. 

2. Potted Boxwood Bushes

Potted Boxwood bushes are another great choice for outdoor landscaping designs and installations. You can get these customized and get different planters for creating a rustic appeal or a classy look. Look for dense foliage and shades of green. This will ensure a natural look for your green space.

potted topiary

These artificial topiary plants are a particular hit for office spaces and shopping malls. Since it is highly durable, you can forget about regular maintenance. No pruning or trimming is needed. No need to water it. You can also get it customized in different sizes if you want to stick to a particular theme.

3. Boxwood Hedge Mat

Perfect for creating that faux carpet of greenery. It is the perfect backdrop for elegant hotel balconies, be it wooden walls or iron grills. These artificial greenery wall panels are mostly used for coverage. Sometimes, for creating a dense backdrop for a flower installation. 

With little to no maintenance, these boxwood hedge mats are perfect for inaccessible places as well. 

4. Boxwood Topiary Hedge

Marking a territory or closing off a space? Looking for something not too invasive or aggressive? Well, Boxwood Topiary Hedges will be right up your alley. These look real and come with promises of less maintenance and high durability.

Ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage, these hedges can be used for decorating hotel lobbies, outdoor eating areas as well as rooftop establishments.

You can get the hedges customized as per your requirement. Get longer, shorter, single pieces or corner pieces for easy installation. These artificial topiary plants are also weather-resistant, so you can install and forget about them. 

5. Boxwood Topiary Balls

Probably one of the most elegant topiary is the boxwood topiary balls. Set in ornate pots, these realistic-looking plants are a great addition to church pews, marble staircases, foyers, and of course, well-maintained gardens.

ball topiary

Available for use both outdoors and indoors, these topiary balls can be customized as per your requirements. Their design and shape can also be customized as per your needs. And as always, these come with great durability and low maintenance.

6. Faux Boxwood Wall

The sight of a wall covered in many shades of green is sure to give off a relaxing aura. It is ideal for biophilic spaces to have a few green walls so that people can take a break in a nature-similar area. Now, live green walls are very hard to maintain, not to mention expensive.

faux green wall

What has taken the landscaping world by storm are the cute boxwood faux green wall mats. These are perfect for outdoor usage because they are weather-resistant. These can be used as a privacy screen in restaurants with outdoor seating.

Or put them up as a backdrop for a water feature, and the feeling of being at one with nature will arise.

7. Spiral Boxwood

A truly inspirational design, the spiral boxwood is a treat for the eyes. Perfect for commercial spaces of all sorts, this bold choice highlights the beauty of any area. The detailing of the foliage and the trunk gives it a realistic look.

It is great as a standalone plant, and can also be paired with topiaries of other heights to give depth to the landscaping design. It is ideal for outdoor spaces as well as indoors. People go for spiral topiaries a lot because you get a perfectly manicured tree for life. 

8. Topiary Animals

Topiary animals are ideal for lots of spaces. Apart from being adorable, these are also quite fun. Making topiary animals out of real plants is very time-consuming. Not to mention, it takes ages to grow fully. You will need a full-time gardener for growing beautiful topiary animals. 

With faux topiary animals, you can do away with these issues. The faux topiary animals are made of a discreet wireframe on which the realistic boxwood leaves are mounted. Not only is it easy to install and maintain, but these are also pretty durable. 

The best part about these artificial topiary plants is that you can customize your animal shapes. Or you can go for other designs and shapes. Whatever takes your fancy and suits your landscaping design.

Understand your space. Estimate the coverage you need. Pick the right faux plants. All you need to do now is fit them into your own green space design.