Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat
Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat
Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat
Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat
Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat


For customized projects, and unique design specifications, we offer the boxwood hedge mat by Commercial Silk is manufactured in 24″ x 24″ square panels and can be used to create large artificial boxwood hedges or to cover walls or structures that could use a little boxwood beautification. Our boxwood mat roll is made with durable, authentic appearing artificial boxwood leaves, assembled on multiple square panels into a roll. Easy to install and little to no maintenance make the boxwood hedge mat roll great for commercial exterior design projects. This is a great product for adding green to your hardscape.
A boxwood hedge is a perfect option for you if you want to add a bit of gothic charm to your indoors. However, it is very difficult to maintain unless you hire a professional gardener, which can get a bit expensive. We at Plantscape Commercial Silk believe that everyone should be able to enjoy luxurious indoor plants without having to go through the pain of maintaining them. So, we bring to you our faux boxwood hedge mat.
We create every faux boxwood mat hedge after conducting a thorough study of the real plant. As a result, our products are extremely lifelike and botanically accurate. Our boxwood hedge is made of premium quality polyester which comes in a bright green shade.
Our Boxwood hedges are also fireproof, due to our ThermaLeaf® technology. Our ThermaLeaf® technology makes every ingredient we use for our products fireproof and self-extinguishing. It also ensures that our products do not fade or decay easily. As a result, you have a faux boxwood hedge that does not need any maintenance and is as long-lasting as it can get. You can also get it customized to make it a perfect fit for your home or retail space.

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