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Guide To Buying Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Artificial boxwood hedges lend a brilliant look to any formal or private landscape.  Lifelike artificial foliage works splendidly well—for balancing entryways, creating striking divides, or simply uplifting the natural feel of a space. 

Less is more when you buy artificial boxwood hedges—lower maintenance, no pests, no wilting, no watering, no trimming. They are gorgeous all year round and can emulate actual shrubbery to a length you can’t tell the difference even up close.

But so you don’t go wrong with the basics; here are some highlights to pick artificial boxwood hedges.

9 attributes to Consider when buying Faux Boxwood hedges

1. Appearance

Premium faux boxwood hedges will have a natural and vivid green shade, very close to the real ones. This makes it difficult to set them apart from real plants. Also, the height of hedges will vary following the levels to which they are processed. The higher the plants, the more depth it imparts to the space.

Faux boxwood hedges

Depending on how realistic you’d like the space to look and the design, choose the right shape and size of the hedge. You can single out on full-sized hedges or try topiaries, unshaped shrubs, or loose stems. If you’re planning to use the hedge indoors, take time to measure any fences, dividers, etc.

Tip: When measuring hedges, always begin from the base going all the way up to the tallest branch or leaf. The same clue goes for porches, balconies, etc.

2. Placement

It’s fairly simple to pick hedges for indoors, considering there will be the least wear and tear due to natural elements. Even so, if you’re placing them outdoors, consider having a UV stabilizer to minimize color fading.

Having said that, hedges placed outdoors must be able to hold shape and be securely structured even in poor weather conditions.

3. Materials

Look for materials that mimic natural textures, colors, detailing, and leaf veins. A few of the most commonly used materials are silk, polyester, and plastic. Silk and plastic work extremely well with faux hedges, producing more natural, flexible leaves and branches.

Don’t try to make the shrubs perfect and consistent, it takes away the innate curvature and position of the leaves. Instead, try to deliberately include some wilted and discolored leaves to make the hedge look more real and authentic.

Avoid glossy or fake droplet leaves.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Tip: To identify quality hedge material, try smelling the faux shrubs. Fresh PE does not have any chemical odor, whereas recycled PE or cheap plastic will have a bad stench to it.

4. Density of hedges

The touch and density of hedges will be rough if they are of substandard quality and fake. Premium ones will be smooth to touch. To make the hedges dense, look for more layers in the grid—at least four or more layers.

5. The thickness of the grid

If the idea is to preserve the artificial boxwood hedges long-term, count on strong, thick grids instead of cheap, thin ones. This applies more when considering outdoor placement.

6. Fading degree of the leaves

Poor quality hedges will lose color and texture with time (especially the outdoor ones). But premium hedges that come with UV stabilizers are less likely to fade and can last at least 3-5 years.

7. Mount type

Decide where the boxwood hedge is to be planted, on the ground, exterior space, or customized planters.

If directly placed on the ground like a stable, permanent fence, you’ll have to bolt the hedges in place. Or, if you want to style it as a freestanding one, you can bolt them to each other and ensure they hold shape.

You can also install artificial boxwood hedges in existing planters or spaces, but you’ll need clarity on the design and exact measurements, so they are not all over the place. That’s because artificial hedges are generally built to size and may be difficult to fit in existing planting areas.

artificial boxwood walls

The last alternative is to make a customized hedge for any non-traditional shape. Most faux hedges are pretty light and can be moved easily. So, you can also look for movable and locking casters so you can roll them over flat surfaces whenever need be.

8. Style

Artificial boxwood hedges are perennially pretty. You can style them to create a cozy, private area, a flowy backdrop, or divided spaces. For offices, always go for a style that compliments the office décor, or commercial garden, be it unshaped, hanging, free-flowing, or manicured hedges.

Faux boxwood hedges provide a modern element to the space and provide the same aesthetic as real plants, just at a lower cost and maintenance.

9. Symmetry

Consistent and identical colors, leaf patterns, and stems are a dead giveaway. Instead, try to find leaves and stems of different colors, sizes, and thicknesses. You can also add some fake soil cover, moss, or pebbles to give it a more natural look.

Benefits of artificial boxwood hedges

  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to care
  • Non-allergenic
  • Cost-friendly
  • Less time consuming
  • Soundproofing
  • Increased cognition and productivity
  • Strong wind resistance
  • 100% opaque for privacy
  • Movable, reusable, and durable

Why Choose artificial boxwood hedges over living hedges?

Ultra-realistic trunks, stems, flowers, leaves

With clear textures and natural colors, artificial boxwood hedges look nothing short of the real ones. And they are 100% maintenance-free. So, no extra expense of landscape maintenance, no dying or wilting greenery, no fading colors.

Can survive in almost any condition

Well-bolted hedges can withstand even the worst weather conditions. Besides, if the hedges are made of premium material, they can also resist UV rays.

Have various bespoke options

Unlike real plants, artificial hedges can be customized to different shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Artificial Boxwood Hedges Application Tips

As a boundary for space division

For any space that’s too dull or huge, you can incorporate artificial boxwood hedges to create space division without building a wall literally. It brightens up corners in the most effortless manner. 

Screening and privacy

You can screen any unwanted views by attaching artificial boxwood walls or fences.

Wall décor, indoor and outdoor

You can also spruce up the boring poolside while adding a hint of privacy and poshness with these hedges.