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Biophilic Design and Casinos

What is the key feature that blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors? You’re right, biophilia is that philosophy. Casinos are known to be wasteful with the enormous amount of electricity used 24/7. You would be surprised to know that a casino can, after all, be transformed into an eco-friendly venue. 

Biophilic design is especially somewhat of a renaissance within the construction and architectural industries. The myriad benefits that occur when the philosophy is put into effect in the office, a hotel, a hospital, or virtually any space are something you can get behind. 

A green wall, for example, in the foyer of your casino would be nice but a green wall that can be seen by the majority of the occupants from their workstations would be even better. 

Here are a few benefits of biophilia that work wonders if incorporated into the design of your casino too. 

Elevated Productivity

Dwindling attention span is a common problem amongst people nowadays. Biophilic designs, when installed, are observed to have improved productivity by 8%. 

Schools that implement biophilic design often experience improved attendance, test results, and even learning rates of 20-25%. Nature has an association with positive mental health. Landscaping in your workspace will enhance your focus and make you calmer. Biophilia art exists so that you can live with an uplifted mood with natural elements as a buffer. 

As for casinos, employee productivity improves. Enormous hospitality trees complementing the decor along with flower arrangements do not just beautify your casino but put gamblers and employees at ease too.  You can expect more customers and engaging groups between the crowd with little to no post-failure aggression. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Beautiful settings, light, natural materials, and organic designs are all part of biophilic design, but it’s also about so much more. Biophilic interior design can produce beautiful settings that boost mental health, develop community, and explore creative pathways.

Large custom commercial trees, bamboo groves, tall artificial Phoenix Palms, Sansevieria in lateral planters, and boxwood walls are some of the flora that you can install in your casino. This improves the ambiance and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your indoor space.

Natural materials, landscape paintings, and bubbling water features are some examples of biophilic design. Introduce this into your casino and make it a less ‘frowned upon’ place. Families would be waltzing in before you know it and relishing the transformative beauty of your carefully created indoor space. 

Improves Mental Well Being

The physical and mental wellbeing of people who spend a considerable amount of time within a certain environment is believed to be positively affected by sensory contact with natural elements. Biophilic design boosts melatonin production, which increases energy levels, releases happiness hormones, and regulates body clock cycles. This helps with creativity when exposed to a space. 

Biophilic design is therapeutic, to say the least. Plant landscape installment in your casino couldn’t be a better choice. The presence of plants makes the air cleaner and the space less suffocating. Revelers in a casino are bound to experience a whirlwind of emotions while playing. Having a sense of connection to nature around them will be pleasing and might even release dopamine. 

Certain plants are symbolic of good luck. You know how important that is in a casino. People might get swayed by this thought alone and win a lot of money. 

Better Business 

Business escalates only when employee absenteeism is eliminated, productivity is improved and customers leave with a satisfied nod of approval. The use of biophilic elements adds to major commercial benefits including employee retention. 

A casino is filled to the brim with people storming in and out of their own accord and that leads to incredible noise pollution. Unless you’re planning to have noise-canceling, shock-absorbent curtains installed, strategically placed plants and trees with their heavy foliage deflect and refract sound waves. 

Eco-friendly casinos function on reduced energy requirements, particularly in terms of lighting, electricity, ventilation, and temperature regulation. They have excellent financial incentives because they adopted the biophilic design pattern. 

Technology Advancement Inspired By Nature

Philosophers have often argued how a human being doesn’t actually exist but rather, lives in a simulation. Well, as long as that simulation is positive, who cares? 

LED technology is advanced enough to simulate the natural experience, in the form of clouds in the sky and a waterfall or a fountain, enough to set customers at ease and make them relaxed. Imagine a pseudo waterfall embedded into a wall of your casino, drawing more people to it than you could have possibly imagined? That improves their quality of playing too. 

Vertical green walls, through better technology, have built-in soil irrigation too which directly affects and impacts their longevity. You can literally be surrounded by living walls, except that they won’t talk. A biophilic design agenda with algae-filled exterior bio-curtains is created to draw pollution away from the street and convert it into oxygen. Perhaps, indoor spaces can apply the same to trees.

Stronger Bond With Nature

Perpetually living under fluorescent lights, lounging on sofas, and working digitally separates you from the natural world. Biophilic designs are created to help us reconnect to nature and realize just how fundamental and deep our need for everything green runs. 

Introducing green architecture in your casino is a great way to eliminate energy deficiency, water scarcity, and more. This is also how sustainable development works. Planting artificial trees and foliage is yet another way to turn an indoor space around. 

You are able to bring scattered, clustered and varied vegetation to an indoor space, even a casino and quite literally put a spell on the customers. This isn’t just going to help businesses but make the people realize the importance of nature. 

Casinos can function incredibly well with a strategically thought out biophilic design and you shouldn’t have second thoughts about it. Perhaps install a vertical green wall or a landscape art painting and realize it yourself.