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large black olive trees

Did you know that black olive trees and faux black olive trees are trending this year?

Often seen as a symbol of wisdom, luck, and health, olive trees instantly enhance office appeal. What’s more, their rich history makes these indoor trees the perfect gift for a loved one.

What’s the history of the Black Olive Trees?

Native to most of the Caribbean and Central America, black olive trees were primarily used as a source for lumber. This was because their trunks are heavy and dense.

According to Greek tradition, you plant an olive tree when a child is born. When the child is 6 years old, the olive tree gives its first fruit. Because they’re expected to live for 300-600 years, they are also seen as a symbol of evolution and continuity.

History actually says that olive trees were first spotted in Syria. But, Greece brought it to the Mediterranean area. Then, it spread to Australia and America.

artificial black olive trees

Greek philosophers even studied the medicinal properties of the olive tree, claiming that there were more than 60 olive treatments possible. Understanding its value, Romans started trading in olive trees more frequently. In fact, the olive oil trade helped reinforce several local economies. In addition to this, there was also a spike in soap production.

Why Buy Faux Black Olive Trees?

The first, and OBVIOUS benefit is that they’re low maintenance.

Although these trees are steeped in great value, you can still be reminded of those values with faux black olive trees. Since they don’t need to be pruned or excessively taken care of, you have more time on your hands to tend to other things.

Also, faux olive trees encourage creativity in the workspace. Studies in fact show that plants aid creativity. So, why not shop for artificial olive trees that don’t need to be maintained? (Psst, we’ve found science-backed evidence that indoor plants can reduce psychological and physiological stress. 

Plantscape Commercial Silk’s fake olive trees constitute life-life qualities and incorporate a natural wood trunk in a rustic multi-stem. 

Faux olive plants are also durable. This is because the materials used in making these plants are of excellent quality. You don’t need to even worry about water and pest damage and withering.

Reboot Your Office with Faux Black Olive Trees

Fill Up Corners

Are there empty corners in your workspace? Liven them up with large faux olive trees from Plantscape Commercial Silk.

decorative artificial black olive trees

You can even arrange faux potted olive trees in clusters or shelves to create a warm environment in your office. Make sure to get plants of different heights to make your space look more appealing.

Enhance Neutral Spaces

Some spaces might look a little dull/neutral. That’s when faux black olive trees come into the picture! Sometimes a pop of greenery is all your office could need.

Refresh Old Furniture

Getting artificial olive trees is an awesome way to make your existing furniture look new! It also brings the outdoors in, making your commercial space seem as fresh as ever.

Expand Floor Space

Although artificial trees can’t literally expand floor space, they can make floors seem spacious. Smaller hanging plants in particular can be right for this kind of limited floor space.

How to Care for Your Faux Olive Trees

Although they require almost zero maintenance, these indoor plants will collect dust after some point in time.

black olive tree potted

When that happens, you can try the following:

Use a feather duster:

Dust your artificial plants with feather dust at least once a week. When you do it, ensure you start from the top section and gradually move to the bottom. You can even use a paintbrush to do this.

Get a vacuum cleaner

Yup, cleaning your artificial plants is possible with a vacuum cleaner. Just remember to not overdo it and damage the plants though.

Clean with a damp cloth

Dip your cloth in cold water and dab it all over your plant. Then, remove the water stains in order to prevent your plants from getting limp. This method is a great way to get rid of any dust and stains.

Make a plant cleaner

If your faux plants have been uncleaned for long, the above might not help much. In that case, you can make your own plant cleaner.

All you need to do is mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Then, test it on a leaf to check if the colors bleed. Once you know everything is fine, you can spray all over your plant.

We hope you’re convinced that artificial olive trees can enhance your office appeal.