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Do Biophilic Spaces Save Money

Scientific studies show that green spaces, plants, trees (fake or real), and water features prove beneficial for health. This is the main reason behind the rise in popularity of biophilic spaces. 

The Nature Connection

The connection that humans have with nature cannot be negated. It can only be beneficial for people to work in an environment that seems natural to them. Such workplace arrangements can soothe employees and bring about a sense of cheer to an otherwise drab piece of wall.

Why Biophilic Spaces?

Biophilic spaces and designs, especially for corporate buildings, are a must. The incorporation of natural elements and good air quality can increase employee productivity. It can also assist in lowering employee absenteeism. It helps boost morale and ensures lower turnover.

biophilic design office spaces

There are studies that say employees in biophilic design office space take fewer sick leaves. This is in comparison to those employees who do not have access to green spaces. And who wouldn’t love to take a break in a natural-looking environment, as compared to a noisy cafeteria?

What Does A Biophilic Space Contain?

Trees that blend in with the surrounding area are ideal for creating such spaces. Birch trees, in their many types, are an ideal choice for some buildings, whereas the more rustic pine trees are perfect for almost all spaces. There are plenty of other choices as well, from Bamboo to Ficus, Olive to Palm, from Oak to Maple, and many more.

small fake trees potted

With trees like Maples and Olives, you get a burst of color in the foliage. With Bamboo and Oak, you get a lot of coverage. With Ficuses and Palms, you get a lot of shades of green that can complement your existing surroundings.

While live trees are a delight to be around there are limitations as to where they can be. An artificial birch tree or fake pine trees are perfect in such a scenario. With the installation of you get low-maintenance costs and efforts. Not to mention a longer life than most live plants!

The pine trees are available in plenty of types, from An Aleppo Pine to a Colorado Spruce, from Limber Pine to Long Needle Pine, and several others. Pines are sure to blend in at most locations. You can even get the size and foliage customized. 

You can add a few water features to create a biophilic design to suit your corporate space. 

If you can find a faux birch tree with wooden trunks then all the better. Wood and wooden structures are a must have for any biophilic space. The ability of wood to maintain moisture and humidity in any space is what makes it such a hit.

what is biophilic design

A small fake tree might seem to be coming at a greater cost than its live counterpart. Factor in the cost of a regular gardener, daily care, fertilizer, and more. You have on your hands something that can potentially end up with greater costs than a one-time purchase of a fake tree.

There are plenty of small artificial trees that can be installed in a workplace, factory, or other buildings to give off an aura of peace and tranquility.

The visible aesthetic appeal of these fake trees is a major attraction, obviously. But these installations sometimes also trick the human mind and body into believing that it’s in a real natural setting.

Green Space And What Else?

What is biophilic interior design but your standard landscaping greenery? 

We’d understand your skepticism. But it is not just green spaces that make a difference. Improvement in Indoor Air Quality is a major factor behind enhanced worker productivity. Poor ventilation in offices and factories can lead to respiratory illnesses and lower productivity.  Poor ventilation has also been linked to increased chances of bacteria and viruses thriving in indoor air.

biophilic design office space

Investing in a high-quality HVAC system can help in creating an amazing biophilic design. Along with the use of natural materials and green space, this investment can lower your turnover costs.

An HVAC system does not come cheap. That part is true. But it is also true that savings can be made on electricity bills. In a few years, the HVAC System will have paid for itself. 

And let’s not forget that the HVAC System will be able to keep most bacteria and viruses away. This ensures a work environment free from contaminants and respiratory diseases. That should be reason enough for installing one.

Problems Corporations are Facing

Employees that are not in tune with their surroundings are the ones that take the most breaks. Such employees leave early and have lower productivity rates. They also have an increased rate of absenteeism. Replacing such salaried employees is a mammoth task. 

In some instances, it takes nearly six months of salary to replace one employee. This includes the training of new employees as well as bringing them up to speed about the latest chores.

Needless to say, turnover costs and training new hires are some of the biggest problems that corporations are facing these days. An increase in overtime and a general unsatisfactory environment are other related problems. Not to mention absenteeism and lower productivity.

How Do Biophilic Spaces Save Money?

While the upfront investment might seem costly, as time passes, these features pay for themselves. Easy maintenance is a big factor when choosing mini fake trees. There is no need for daily care. Their promised longevity also makes biophilic spaces a cheap option. 

biophilia decor

The installation of a fake birch tree in a building’s green space is a great idea. Add to that a great HVAC system for better ventilation! Install a few wood structures for a rustic look and humidity control. All the ingredients for a great Biophilic Space. 

Such a space is a great way to boost employee morale and productivity. It is also seen to decrease turnover and employee absenteeism. There is nothing more profitable than keeping your employees in a relaxed state of mind. With your employees being in high spirits, high productivity mode is a given.

So go ahead and invest in something that will bring your overheads down. Invest in a Biophilic Space. You will feel the difference as soon as people step into that place. The Biophilic Movement will thank you, or will it be the other way around?