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faux pampass grass

Tall, beautiful, and sturdy—faux pampas grass has it all. 

The reed-like grass has striking feathery tips and long, pointed leaves that fold in the middle, forming a dense bunch. Artificial pampas grass is made of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and can be over 60 inches tall. 

No wonder that it’s among the best artificial grasses for modern commercial spaces, both indoor and outdoor. 

5 best design applications of faux pampas grass

Garden borders

Tall faux pampas grass is perfect for garden borders. You can use it at the base of a boundary wall or gate, or to enclose straight or curved lawns. Faux pampas borders let you isolate garden elements such as walkways, fences, and steps from the groundcover. 

Need to mark your property without constructing a wall? Try faux pampas. We guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results.

Indoor/outdoor focal point

The unique, feathery plume and stature of pampas grass make it a natural head-turner. Faux pampas grass has the exact same effect. Out in the garden, a small bunch of pampas grass plants placed close together is a sight to behold. You can use plants of the same color or combine different hues to create a more flamboyant look.

Faux pampas is also well-suited for indoor focal points. A small group of potted pampas can create big interest in any indoor space. Again, you can use a mix of colors or stick with a single color based on the larger color scheme. 

Faux pampas draw attention indoors and outdoors. Logo sculptures failing to draw attention? A couple of faux pampas, placed on the sides, will do the trick. 

In large gardens or lawns that include multiple vertical elements, faux pampas grass can be used to highlight benches, water bodies, or fountains. Just make sure not to use too many plants too close together in a manner that they end up blocking the view instead. 

Indoor pots and vases 

Pampas grass can be utilized indoors in dozens of ways, in pots of different colors, shapes, and sizes. It comes down to the place’s overall design, theme, and color scheme. We’d recommend you include 3-5 stems in a single pot or vase. 

A couple of potted pampas plants placed on either side of a doorway will effortlessly enhance a dull entry point. Pampas grass planted in small vases is ideal for decorating tablescapes and shelves. You can include a burlap ribbon at the base of the stems. No other embellishment is required. 

Need to hide an unsightly spot or add interest to boring blank spaces? It’s a no-brainer. You will, however, need to put a little thought into identifying the size, shape, and number of potted pampas that the particular space requires. 

Outdoor office spaces

Biophilic design is the inclusion of direct or indirect natural experiences in our surroundings to enhance mood, creativity, and cognition. Just being in an area with a biophilic design can help reduce stress and anxiety. 

According to recent research, the presence of artificial plants can significantly increase an area’s biophilic design value—a measure of the design’s biophilic benefits. Including a few potted pampas grass plants, therefore, does more than spruce up a place’s appeal. 

Outdoor office spaces such as patios, breakout spaces, or cafeterias can all use some pampas grass. You can either bring in some potted pampas or have the grass installed on an open solid surface. Both the corners and the center of the space are excellent spots for adding artificial pampas plants. 


The cloud-like stems of pampas grass make for breathtaking mantelpieces. Try putting a few stems in a small, clear vase or a whole bunch in an oversized container. Even simply laying out a bunch of stems, the plumes hanging down from a high edge will create plenty of interest. 

You can group several stems together in a tall pot or vase, place them next to the fireplace for a more nature-inspired effect. Unlike real pampas grass, faux pampas are fire retardant, so you don’t have to worry about it catching fire by accident. 

A few cut stalks of pampas grass can add a dramatic vertical element to bouquets. Try it; they’ll look fabulous on the mantel. 

Tips for designing with faux pampas grass

The lush green leaves and fuzzy tops of pampas grass contrast beautifully with both light and dark backgrounds. The color and design of the pot or vase, as well as its placement corresponding to the background influence the overall effect. Dark colored pots or vases will look stunning against light backdrops and vice versa. 

Faux pampas aren’t just useful when installed in the ground or placed in a pot. The design possibilities are endless. A handful of pampas stalks hung upside down, for instance, can create a lovely wall hanging. A bunch of pampas stalks wrapped around a wireframe makes for beautiful wreaths you can use for festive décor or at the entryways.

Faux grass plants bring you the best of their natural counterparts, minus all the required care and environmental limitations. Once you’ve finalized your décor plan and installed faux pampas grass, it’ll adorn and enrich your space for years to come.