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How To Select The Right Artificial Grass

Have you been planning on getting some artificial grass for your commercial establishment? Did you find the sheer volume of choices daunting? Well, fret no more. Here’s your definitive guide to selecting the absolutely perfect artificial grass for your space.

And no, artificial grass is not just for flooring. Not anymore. These days, they hang from the ceilings and grace bamboo trellis as well.

A tile planter or a mobile planter for fake grass is very popular these days. You can use them to accentuate and enhance any space. Read on to find out what will suit your requirements.

Research Your Space

Although you might already have the space all figured out for installing artificial grass, there is no harm in assessing it further. 

You should estimate the sort of foot traffic it will get. What sort of weather will it face? Sun, shade, rains, or snow? Will it have an effective drainage system or is that something you will have to work upon?

hanging greenery decor

Also see if your needs are being met by floor grass, or if you need hanging greenery decor? There are plenty of choices available out there these days, apart from the traditional green grass carpet. Some of them can even double up as art installations!

Once you have decided all that, measure your space and get set to choose the perfect fake grass to go on it. 

Check Pile Height

The upright height of the fake grass blades is the pile height. For selecting the right turfs, whether in putting greens, office lobbies, hotel balconies, or schoolyards, pile height is a major criterion.

hanging potted grass plants

Higher piles are easier to maintain indoors. On the other hand, outdoor faux grass generally has a height of no more than a quarter to a half-inch.

If budget is an issue, try to opt for short-pile heights, but do not compromise on the density of the grass.

Know What Material Is Used

Fake grass is mostly made out of nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene. The ones made from nylon are perfect for the outdoors and last longer. But, it is also harder than the others. So make sure you know what sort of requirements will the artificial grass be serving.

Choose The Right Color

That’s right. There are actually several shades of artificial grass available in the market. Just like real grass. In order to go for the right color, take a look around you.

faux grass panels

The fake grass you buy should match the color of the real grass in your vicinity. That is key to making sure that the grass looks as real as possible. 

You can even mix and match colored grass. Especially if you want to mark territory or show zoning divisions.

Check The Backing

Check the back of the artificial grass mat. The backing needs to be double layered and durable. In short, if it seems like it would crack under adverse weather conditions, steer clear of it.

The Right Infill Completes The Look

In order to mimic the look of real grass, manufacturers add some infill to their grass mats. This brings a sort of authenticity to the grass. 

grass mat

Since real green grass has a backdrop of brown, dead grass under it, look for similar options in fake grass as well.

Maintenance Efforts

Needless to say, artificial grass should be easier to maintain than real grass. If you find that you will be ending up working just as hard for maintaining it, it’s just not worth it.

It should be easy to clean and drain, and easier to dismantle when the time comes.

What Features to Not Compromise On?

  1. Durability

Most people go for artificial grass because they would rather have their spaces look green throughout the year. If you find the fake grass you had opted for is not weather resistant, maybe it is time to rethink your choice.

There are some manufacturers out there who make fake grass that can withstand sunlight, snow, rains, and more. Some of these are even fire-retardant. So, if a school or playground is what you are choosing the fake grass for, keep these points in mind.

  1. Should Look Lush

Some amount of compromise might be expected when you are out shopping for the perfect artificial grass. 

But, there is no compromise with its lushness and fullness. Whether from a distance or near, the fake grass should appear vibrant, tight-knit, and luxurious. 

The price point might be a deterrent but think of it as an investment. And when you have already decided to go for fake grass, why not go all the way. It will only save you money in the long run.

  1. Antimicrobial Properties

If you need the artificial grass for indoor usage in a nursery or kid’s play area outdoors, make sure of its antimicrobial properties. 

These grass turfs end up collecting a lot of dirt and germs. And It is only in everyone’s best interest to keep it clean and microbe-free. 

Last Few Pointers Before You Pay

Now that you know what exactly to look for in artificial grass, check out what is available near you or online. Make an informed choice and do not hesitate in asking questions.

  1. Ask for samples and visit stores if you can. 
  2. Get an estimate of installation charges
  3. If you want to DIY it, make sure to check out a few videos beforehand. This way you can clear any doubts you have from the retailer itself.
  4. Find out which installation process works best for you
  5. Get an estimate of any warranties that the retailers are offering

The perfect artificial grass can make your space look like a biophilic heave. And since that is trending in a big way this year, you might want to jump on the bandwagon. 

Not only do green spaces create a welcoming aura, but it is also great for de-stressing and relaxing. Sounds great, doesn’t it?