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Mediterranean Olive Trees

Mediterranean olive trees are a great addition to your restaurant. 

Choosing the perfect plant for your place of work can be a challenge. Yet, artificial Mediterranean olive trees are adaptable for almost any setting. Revamping an area is also their expertise. 

Here are 7 reasons why faux Mediterranean olive trees would be an excellent choice for your restaurant decor:

Mediterranean Olive Tree: A Mood-setter

For years, researchers have associated black-olive trees with elevations in the mood. They reduce stress, fatigue and, in general, make people happier.

faux olive trees in restaurant

You can replicate these results with artificial olive trees as well. Your restaurant has a lot to gain with black-olive trees. They would make your customers feel more comfortable and thus more likely to enjoy their dining experience. 

Save Up On Water

Water used in hospitality and food service establishments accounts for approximately 15 percent of the total commercial water use in the United States. 

As water usage in restaurants is already very high, conservation becomes crucial. 

Artificial trees are reusable, portable, and require no irrigation. Compared to real trees, they save you a considerable amount of water. You no longer need to sacrifice aesthetics to preserve natural resources like water. 

Fake olive trees will benefit both your establishment and the environment. 

large faux olive trees in restaurant

No Pests, No Allergies

There’s no doubt that your business depends on the customers. And no customer likes insects in their food. 

Real trees tend to attract a lot of pests, be it mosquitos, house flies or even bees. This especially applies to outdoor restaurants. With faux trees, your customers are risk-free of insects. And can enjoy their dinner in peace. 

Allergies are another problem that comes with natural trees and plants. 

People are often unaware of specific allergies triggered by proximity to the plant. You can drop the risk of allergies by using faux olive plants. And make the restaurant experience safer for your customers. 

Low-maintenance Greenery 

Growing natural black olive trees can be a demanding task. They take about three years to fully mature and need regular watering and fertilizing.

artificial olive trees

Fake black olive trees only need occasional dusting. If you’re in the mood to deep clean your faux trees, all you need to do is spray them down with some water. 

They are an instant fix for greenery and don’t need fertilization or temperature control.

Finding suitable soil or the right kind of pot is also no concern for faux potted olive trees.

Real trees are also prone to diseases and infestations. You can avoid the hassle by choosing faux alternatives. 

Customize As You Need

Nature is not perfect. And neither are natural trees. They are likely to have an odd branch here and there that hinders the aesthetic appeal of your decor.

You can customize large faux olive trees as per your design vision. Be it size, shape, or scale. You will be able to get the right fit for your establishment. 

Are you planning to use the tree as shade for an outdoor round top table? It is simple enough to design it per your specific needs. 

Faux Olive Trees For All Seasons

Black-olive trees are seasonal. They won’t be able to survive harsh weather conditions or freezing temperatures. 

Choosing fake olive trees enriches your restaurant atmosphere without worrying about the season.

Come fall, and streets tend to fill up with browning leaves. 

Though it makes for a beautiful sight, cleaning them up can be a massive hassle. Fake trees turn shedding leaves into an issue of the past. Thus, allowing you to focus on other essential things. 

Elevate The Style Quotient

Black olive trees are trending.

As a bonus: they also look spectacular in outdoor spaces. But investing in real trees can be quite a strain on your pocket. Faux olive trees give you all the aesthetic value, with none of the extra cost. 

With improving technology, fake trees are now indistinguishable from real trees. 

No more glossy leaves that give your design choices a bad rep. These beautiful large trees add a tonne of aesthetic appeal to your establishment. 

When placed indoors, they make your space look ornamental and rustic. 

While outdoors, it gives the illusion of a larger, open space. Thus, making your business more inviting to customers looking for a stylish new place. 

The hospitality business is cutthroat. To succeed, you must keep hundreds of things in line with customer satisfaction. 

A successful restaurant not only has good food but an excellent ambiance for its patrons.

And what better way to elevate the atmosphere than include a few artificial trees in your establishment? Fake trees are as impactful as natural trees. And they do so at a lower cost with fewer maintenance needs.

Psychologist Professor Sir Cary Cooper has revealed that employees who work in environments with natural elements report a 15% higher level of well-being, are 6% more productive, and are 15% more creative. 

It is a fact: workplace design is essential to your restaurant. 

Faux olive trees can be an inexpensive way of recreating natural elements within your business. Hence, making your restaurant a well-rounded place of work can be as simple as adding a few trees here and there. 

Your employees will thank you. So will your customers.