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Buying Artificial Trees For Workspaces

Office landscaping can be a severe hassle. You want your workplace to stand out. To feel more well-rounded and pristine. And as per design trends, artificial trees should be on your list of essentials. 

Their sale has been on the rise for a list of reasons. Firstly, the artificial trees of today are leaps ahead of their predecessors. No longer do they look sparse and make people turn their noses up. The faux trees in the market today can replicate their natural counterparts very well. Almost too well. 

But the question remains. How do you know it is the right fit for your particular office? And even if it is, how do you pick the ones suitable for you? 

Well, here’s a curated guide on how to buy the perfect artificial trees for your office.

Why Choose Faux Indoor Trees?

Before you make your sale, it is crucial to know how exactly an artificial tree is helpful to you. After all, you shouldn’t invest in something that brings you no value.

faux indoor trees

They’re Convenient 

Artificial green trees are flame-resistant, durable, and hypoallergenic. And can endure harsh weather conditions like a pro. No matter how inaccessible a location is, chances are you can add an artificial plant there. Even in minimal light or cramped spaces, they live up to their primary goal of livening up spaces. It is also super easy to move them around.

They’re Low Maintenance

Apart from their long-lasting nature, fake trees rarely need any regular inspections. They don’t need intense watering or frequent pruning. Soil quality is also no concern when it comes to faux trees. They’re risk-free of pests, sudden fires and are non-toxic.

potted faux indoor trees

They’re Cost-Effective

Taking care of natural trees can be a strain on your pockets. Trimming, fertilizing, repotting, and temperature control come with a considerable cost. With commercial artificial trees, you can have your cake and eat it too. They’re a one-time investment that will last you a long time. Your wallet would thank you. 

Aesthetic Value

Real trees seldom live up to one’s design expectations. Artificial indoor trees have well-balanced and symmetrical branches. With expansive foliage, they can put the natural trees to shame. You can pick big or small trees. Each tree has an aesthetic purpose and will add significant value to your office.

tall artificial trees

Things To Consider While Buying Artificial Trees

The perfect tree for your workplace should tick certain boxes. It needs to be assimilable into your office environment. Read on to find out ways you can do that. 

Size and Scale

It’s imperative to measure the size of your indoor and outdoor space. Doing so would help you pick a tree of the correct size. Faux trees, like natural trees, come in all shapes and sizes. 

For artificial indoor trees, make sure to measure the vertical space along with floor space. If limited space is an issue for you, consider hanging your plants. Or you can choose to put them on a balcony or the rooftop. 

Consider creating a plant corner in your office. Doing so will allow you to add a mixed bunch of plants to your space. 

Plastic Plants vs. Fabric Plants

When choosing between plastic and fabric plants, consider the element of maintenance and location. Plastic plants are highly durable. Though they have a slight sheen, they’re super solid. And can endure sunlight and harsh weather. Boxwood hedges are an excellent choice for a plastic plant. 

Fabric plants, however, are more sensitive. More life-like than the former, they are prone to solar damage. Visually, they are unbeatable and will get you loads of compliments from everyone.

Artificial green trees

Right Tree For The Right Weather Conditions

Changing the faux indoor trees with every season sounds unreasonable at first. But if you have a spring plant at your reception desk during a frigid winter, it becomes apparent that the plant is fake. You don’t want that. Instead, pick out a few seasonal trees and switch them around as the year goes by. You’ll have a newer look for your office every few months by doing this.

UV Protection

Sun damage can be deadly for a fake silk tree. Make sure your choice of tree has UV protection if you want the tree to last a long time. Otherwise, you’d have browning leaves and an unsatisfied consumer experience.  

Opt For Natural-looking Plants

The goal of buying good-quality artificial trees is to make people think they are real. So keep it natural. Plants with buds or baby leaves look more real than glossy ones with overly-bright plastic flowers. Keep this in mind to avoid critical looks from visitors. 

How To Take Care Of Your Artificial Trees?

Faux plants and trees need almost no maintenance. But a little care will make them look great for a long time. Here are a few ways you can keep your artificial greens clean and well. 

Regular Dusting

Small decorative fake trees constantly collect dust as much as any other surface. Include them in your regular dusting routine. Use a simple microfiber cloth to wipe down each leaf. Do this about once a week. More if you live in dust-prone areas. 

Avoid Sun Damage

Though most faux trees come with UV protection, the protective layer strips off constant sun exposure. Avoiding sun damage thus extends their life span. Try to keep them in areas where the lighting isn’t too harsh. Or rotate them every once in a while, allowing them room to breathe. 

Spray Them Down

For tall artificial trees, the leaf-by-leaf method is not plausible. Instead, use a gentle hose to cleanse them of dirt and filth. You can opt for deep cleaning your artificial trees twice a year. Do so with a mixture of water and white vinegar. This practice will remove stubborn grime from your leaves. Extending the life of your faux trees can be as easy as cleaning them timely.  

Finally, you’re ready to pick out the perfect artificial tree for your office. Feeling stuck again? Come back to this guide anytime you need help with your faux tree buying decisions.