Faux Black Bamboo Poles
Faux Black Bamboo Poles
Faux Black Bamboo Poles
Faux Black Bamboo Poles

Faux Black Bamboo Poles

ID# BBP109

From plant supports to bamboo screens, or as natural accents in Asian décor, Bamboo symbolizes strength and prosperity. Strong, lightweight, and a landscaper and designer favorite, Bamboo poles are a fabulous, natural accent that has style and structure built in. We have Bamboo poles available in a variety of styles and sizes. Shown here in the black coloration, the preserved Bamboo retains the look and feel of living bamboo. Also available in natural tones and green, the versatile and useful Bamboo poles will add height, structure, and a bit of Asian influence to your interior design.
Bamboo poles are a symbol of strength and good fortune, and an attractive versatile décor solution. Our preserved bamboo poles present a wonderful way of adding natural color to commercial spaces with varied design themes. They’re also great for lending a desired form, adding a biophilic and vertical element to the space.
Our preserved bamboo poles are 1.5″-18″ tall, strong, lightweight, and extremely durable. You can also customize the poles’ dimensions based on your design needs. Our decorative bamboo sticks have the same feel as living bamboo. They’re available in 3 beautiful, natural tones, so you’re certain to find one that fits in perfectly with your place’s look and color scheme. You can alternately use bamboo poles as the centerpiece and fashion the surrounding theme and color scheme according to your bamboo poles’ appearance.
You can stack a bunch of decorative bamboo poles together in a vase, use them as a privacy screen, or room divider or simply line them up against walls. You can combine decorative bamboo poles of different heights to create your own designs in large planters or on shelves. Decorative bamboo sticks can also be used to create wall art, wind chimes, headboards, and hanging sculptures that will capture everyone’s attention.

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