Artificial Bamboo Reeds
Artificial Bamboo Reeds
Artificial Bamboo Reeds

Artificial Bamboo Reeds

ID# BBR#33G, BBR#48G, BBR#26G

Artificial Bamboo Reed, manufactured by Commercial Silk Int’l, is ideal for theme artists and scenic fabricators looking to design tropical or Asian landscapes. Our artificial bamboo sticks are made from premium materials and designed to be durable yet flexible. Incredibly lifelike and true to Bamboo form, the Bamboo Reed foliage can be used to create screens, combine with bamboo leaf foliage for a natural-looking landscape, or used to add interest and height to a planter or as a centerpiece. Multiple sizes are available and we welcome custom orders.
These artificial Bamboo Reeds from Plantscape Commercial Silk can be a great fit for all sorts of settings. Be it commercial spaces, offices, biophilic integrations, themed spaces, event areas, hotels, spas, lobbies, meeting rooms, retail spaces, receptions, and other gathering spaces. Just add the planter of your choice and you will be well on your way to having a faux Bamboo Reeds installation that will surely turn heads. Choose from terracotta, stone, metals, wooden, or even mud for the perfect look.
Every fake Bamboo Reed comes with the promise of being fire-retardant thanks to our proprietary ThermaLeaf® technology. We infuse all our ThermaLeaf® materials with fire-retardant chemicals to create inherently fire-safe silk plants. You will never worry about fire code compliance with ThermaLeaf® artificial Bamboo Reeds. Not to mention, the peace of mind that you get with ThermaLeaf® products is an added benefit. Highly durable, fire-safe, and long-lasting! That is what makes our faux Bamboo Reeds a winner all the way.
All you need to do is talk to us and share your ideas. Leave the rest to our highly experienced team of professionals. We can customize our fake Bamboo reeds to suit your space, from size to fit, from finish to installation.

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Height26", 33", 48"

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