Artificial Maple Bark Sheets
Artificial Maple Bark Sheets
Artificial Maple Bark Sheets
Artificial Maple Bark Sheets
Artificial Maple Bark Sheets

Artificial Maple Bark Sheets

ID# MAPB8765

Maple Trees are known for their beautiful leaves and coloration change in the fall. We also pay respect to the fine detail and texture of the beautiful bark. We have captured the look and feel of the Maple Bark by casting mold from real trees and replicating that natural design through our manufacturing process. These sheets of bark are easy to implement as a wrap-around, creating a lifelike tree trunk for your landscape project. Artisan crafted to match the real-life tree, these Maple Tree Bark Sheets are molded, textured, and painted using premium materials for a long-lasting, natural-looking part of your design. If you are looking to add Maple trees or tree trunks where you never thought you could…this is the perfect product for your design project.
You have taken a very good decision to decorate your commercial premises with Plantscape Commercial Silk’s artificial maple tree bark sheets. Our exquisite craftsmanship ensures that even the faux maple tree bark sheets look nothing less than the natural ones. Of course, the molds that we make from the real trees is the main reason behind it. You can place these molds over fake tree trunks. What you would have as a result is an immaculate replica of the beautiful natural maple trees.
We use the best raw materials to manufacture the fake maple tree bark sheets. They make the sheets tough enough to withstand the impacts of weather if they are placed outdoors. However, while making the faux maple tree bark sheets tough, we also ensure to maintain the visual aesthetics. We spare no pains to recreate the stunning beauty of the natural maple tree bark sheets. And the looks would remain the same for a really long time with only the basic maintenance and cleaning measures. Much unlike their natural counterparts that have their own maintenance-related hassles.
We infuse the raw materials for making the artificial maple tree bark sheets with fire-retardant chemicals, thanks to our patented Thermaleaf® technology. The resulting product is fire-resistant, thus putting your mind to rest. Give us an opportunity to decorate your premises with our exquisite artificial plants and maple tree bark sheets. You won’t be disappointed.

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