Artificial Tree Bark Panels
Artificial Tree Bark Panels
Artificial Tree Bark Panels

Artificial Tree Bark Panels


Our Deep Texture Tree Bark Sheets are meticulously manufactured and handcrafted to be an exact replica of a living tree trunk. Commercial Silk Int’l is a leader in the manufacturing of tree bark sheets and panels for artificial tree trunks and steel column wraps. Our bark process begins with a mold, taken from a live tree, for accuracy, detail, and a true representation of the texture. We then customize and manufacture these bark sheets from the mold into beautiful commercial-grade, flame-resistant artificial tree bark panels. To match the tree variety, we also custom paint the bark with an array of colors from cinnamon brown to deep russet. Our deep-textured bark panels have been used to manufacture trees globally, into premium quality maple trees, artificial oak trees, and sculpted fake olive trees and tree wraps. These bark sheets are the best representation of tree bark anywhere.

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Height 42"
thermaleaf Available

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