Artificial Pine Bark Sheets
Artificial Pine Bark Sheets
Artificial Pine Bark Sheets
Artificial Pine Bark Sheets

Artificial Pine Bark Sheets

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Pine trees are known for their flash of green, year-round color, and majestic heights. In creating our artificial Pine trees, we take great care to replicate the bark of the tree trunks. Making sure all the fine detail and texture of the specific tree bark is replicated properly, we cast a mold from real trees, capturing the natural design through our manufacturing process. These beautiful sheets of bark are easy to implement as a wrap-around, creating a lifelike tree trunk for your landscape project. Artisan crafted to match the real-life tree, the Pine Bark is molded, textured, and painted using premium materials for a natural look in your design. Just like the tree, the Pine Bark has the undulations and round shapes in the design. For long-lasting and durable bark materials, paired with our foliage…this is the perfect Pine for your design project!
Our faux Pine Tree bark sheets are ideal for hiding any structural columns of steel, brick, or concrete. Since these artificial Pine Tree bark sheets can adhere to a multitude of surfaces, have no worries about the sort of surface you might be using. These flexible bark sheets are molded from living trees. And they are ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage.
We offer our fake Pine Tree bark sheets with our revolutionary PermaLeaf® and ThermaLeaf® technologies. These technologies make these faux Pine Tree bark sheets suitable for outdoor and indoor usage. And that too in a very effective manner. PermaLeaf® ensures that the product can withstand any sort of outdoor weather conditions and remain as vibrant as the day it was first bought. Think superior UV resistance and longer outdoor durability. On the other hand, ThermaLeaf® ensures that if kept indoors, these fake Pine Tree bark sheets will be the ultimate in fire-safe foliage.
Here’s your chance to bring a little bit of nature inside, into your decor. And that too in an environment-friendly manner, without cutting down healthy trees! What could be better? Ask us to customize our artificial Pine Tree bark sheet as per your specifications. We can create the exact fit, shape, size, and more that you need for your space.

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