Artificial Poplar Bark Sheets
Artificial Poplar Bark Sheets
Artificial Poplar Bark Sheets
Artificial Poplar Bark Sheets
Artificial Poplar Bark Sheets

Artificial Poplar Bark Sheets

ID# POPB15721

Poplar trees are similar to Birch trees with their bright white bark and brown markings. These artificial Poplar Bark sheets are easy to implement as a wrap-around, creating a lifelike tree trunk for your landscape project. Artisan crafted to match the real-life tree, these Poplar Bark Sheets are molded, textured, and painted using premium materials for a long-lasting, natural-looking part of your design. If you are looking to add trees or tree trunks where you never thought you could…this is the perfect product for your design project.
Poplar trees are known for their textured barks. A Poplar tree bark texture on your walls will make it look like a place straight out of a gothic tale. So, Plantscape Commercial Silk has created these artificial Poplar tree bark sheets which you can use to level up your interiors.
Our designers conduct thorough research before replicating any item. Our goal is to deliver you botanically accurate products. However, replicating the Poplar tree bark was a challenge, due to its intricate texture. So, we created molds from real Poplar tree barks to make our sheets look natural and lifelike. We use premium raw materials so that your products are high-quality and long-lasting. You can also request customizations as per your needs.
Our products come with the pledge of being as safe as they are beautiful. So, we have implemented our proprietary ThermaLeaf® technology. Our ThermaLeaf® technology impacts the molecular constitution of the materials used, thereby making them fireproof. They are also resistant to discoloration and fading. As a result, you can have a beautiful tree bark sheet around your walls that will stand the test of time.

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