Artificial Walnut Bark Sheets
Artificial Walnut Bark Sheets
Artificial Walnut Bark Sheets
Artificial Walnut Bark Sheets
Artificial Walnut Bark Sheets

Artificial Walnut Bark Sheets

ID# WALB8139

The Walnut Tree Bark, by Commercial Silk Int’l, is manufactured by using molds from real tree trunks to provide an accurate reproduction of walnut tree bark. Hand-painted details add authenticity and its lightweight design allows for a variety of applications. Its extra-deep texture and rugged appeal depict natural walnut tree bark that can be customized to suit any design. Using high-quality material, the Walnut Tree Bark is long-lasting and durable, and a true representation of the living Walnut. Use this lovely Walnut Tree Bark for a natural tree accent in your design.
During the manufacturing process of our faux Walnut Tree Bark Sheet, we use ThermaLeaf® materials to provide you with the best fire safety product. With this self-extinguishing fake Walnut Tree Bark Sheet you never have to worry about fire code compliance. Furthermore, our exclusive ThermaLeaf® technology gives you dust-resistant products that require negligible maintenance.
Walnut bark is known for its use in traditional medicine. While our artificial Walnut Tree Bark Sheet is unable to replicate this feature, everything else about it gives a real-life touch and feel to your decor. You can witness the perfect rendition of a walnut tree with our detailed faux Walnut Tree Bark Sheet. We design the product to make it look exactly like the original by using advanced technologies and hours of detailing.
Plantscape Commercial Silk’s artificial Walnut Tree Bark Sheet is a sublime botanical addition to your establishment. Contrast it with our multiple green foliage products and watch the biophilic design work its magic. With an 81” height and a 44” width, the fake Walnut Tree Bark Sheet can wrap around various structures within your commercial space. The dimensions can also be customized to match your requirements and complement the existing decor.

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