Artificial Willow Bark Sheets
Artificial Willow Bark Sheets
Artificial Willow Bark Sheets
Artificial Willow Bark Sheets
Artificial Willow Bark Sheets

Artificial Willow Bark Sheets

ID# WILB13365

Willow Tree Bark by Commercial Silk Int’l is handcrafted from a lightweight, flexible material that has been molded from real tree bark. Our Willow Tree Bark has a medium texture and a medium to a wide-scale size that is enhanced by hand-painted details and can be customized for any type of environment. Our Willow Tree Bark is ideal for amusement parks, museums, hotels, restaurants, and more. Our artificial Willow Tree Bark is available for wholesale purchase and is manufactured of synthetic material suitable for outdoor use and qualifies as an NFPA Class A or USBC Class 1 fire retardant material as tested by ATSM E84.
When you touch these artificial Willow Tree bark sheets you will feel transported to forests and woodlands, such is their authentic nature of them. And why not? After all, they are molded from living trees. They capture every nook and crevice of the real barks, thus creating a replica that is so life-like that onlookers are sure to be deceived. These faux Willow Tree bark sheets are perfect for hiding unsightly poles and columns. They can also be used to create DIY decor for places like schools, hospitals, bars, and hotel lobbies.
We offer our fake Willow Tree bark sheets in our proprietary PermaLeaf® and ThermaLeaf® materials. WIth PermaLeaf®, you can be sure that the artificial Willow Tree bark sheets that you take home will showcase superior UV resistance, better color fade resistance, as well as a longer outdoor lifespan. On the other hand, ThermaLeaf® makes sure that in the case of indoor installations, you will get the ultimate in fire-safe foliage.
Not sure of the installation methods or the shape, size, and fit of these fake Willow Tree bark sheets? Share your issues with us. We can not only help you with customization requests but also suggest the best decor ideas for these faux Willow Tree bark sheets.

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