Fake Birch Tree Branches
Fake Birch Tree Branches
Fake Birch Tree Branches

Fake Birch Tree Branches

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Adding natural elements to your design is a great way to maintain a connection to the outdoors. Combining that natural feature with a gorgeous color to accent your interior is a real statement in your décor. We have created the Birch Branches in easy-to-display sizes of 2’ to 26’, making these suitable for a variety of arrangements. Shown here in a planter hedge style, the twiggy branches are full of upright energy, red tones, and natural texture. Made from real wood, the colorful and bright Birch Branches will go from season to season with little to no maintenance. Add a bit of vitality to your commercial space today!
Looking for a bold piece that will be the focal point of attention in your commercial space? Your search ends with our artificial Birch Branch Decor. Although conventional birch branches are generally white or neutral-toned, our fake Birch Branch Decor is a little different. With a wooden trunk painted a striking shade of red, this faux Birch Branch Decor adds a contemporary accent to your refurbishing project.
Once you purchase these branches, you can opt to place them in a vase, add them to a bouquet, or pot them inside planters. Some accent lighting will also go a long way in accentuating the faux Birch Branch Decor. A contrasting color palette is quite trendy in interior design now. You can have light-colored wood features in your commercial space and balance it out with a vibrant rug and this impressive artificial Birch Branch Decor.
Since the branches are slender, light peeks through them and creates a wonderful visual effect with a warm glow. Another benefit of using this Plantscape Commercial Silk product is that it has a remarkable amount of structural integrity. The fake Birch Branch Decor is bound to last you a long time without any environmental damage.

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