Artificial Jungle Vines
Artificial Jungle Vines
Artificial Jungle Vines

Artificial Jungle Vines


We have incorporated the twists and turns of the real vine, into this completely life-like accent and it is ready for your tropical theme landscape! Incredibly natural looking and full of texture and movement, this piece will add visual interest on its own or use this to support other plants or to hang décor. The Jungle vines are 6” in length, but we accept custom orders to meet your design specification. Use the Jungle Vines to accentuate a tropical theme, hang from trees for a whimsical and fun look, or use in a tropical floral arrangement as a centerpiece full of movement. Fire-resistant and durable, this is a unique landscape accent that will last for years.
It’s next to impossible to distinguish our artificial jungle vines from the real ones. A lot of research goes into making our products natural-looking to the extent we go. The vines are usually 6” tall, however, we can also customize the size of our fake jungle vines to suit your requirements. Your tropical-themed interior décor will now look complete.
The faux jungle vines from Commercial Silk can serve as the backdrop for couches in the waiting area. Install them to create the perfect jungle themed party setting. You can also use the artificial jungle vines to create attractive-looking arches above the main gate/entry.
Plantscape Commercial Silk’s fake jungle plants come equipped with ThermaLeaf® technology. This makes them fire-resistant because we infuse the raw materials with fire-retardant chemicals even before the manufacturing process starts. We use the best quality materials to make the artificial jungle vines. This makes the plants long-lasting and being artificial, they don’t need the elaborate and often cumbersome maintenance process that the natural variants would. So, don’t wait. Get in touch with us at Plantscape Commercial Silk today to know more about our faux jungle vines and get customized décor options for your commercial space.

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