Artificial Manzanita Tree Branches
Artificial Manzanita Tree Branches
Artificial Manzanita Tree Branches

Artificial Manzanita Tree Branches

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Our Manzanita Branches are beautiful and functional pieces of art. Made with real wood for authenticity and sandblasted for a unique, weathered look, these branches are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, annual events, and social gatherings. The wavy trunk adds movement to the branch while the winding branches give life to the Manzanita. Available in a range of sizes and durable enough to last for many seasons, the popular Sandblasted Manzanita branch will be a cool feature in your commercial design.
Manzanita plants make stunning centerpieces and come with rich, mahogany-colored barks and evergreen leaves. Our faux Manzanita Tree Branches have been sandblasted to give them a bona fide texture and make them appear lifelike. Being a unique shrub that grows much like a small tree, these plants are native to northern California. Requiring optimal temperature conditions, growing this plant in your yard may seem like a herculean task.
This is why we are offering our potted rendition of the fake Manzanita Tree Branches that is botanically accurate. Popularly used as decor, our artificial Manzanita Tree Branches will make a great addition to any commercial space due to their unique shape, color, and strength when dried. You can also get these custom-made to fit the requirements of your corporate office or area.
Beautify the faux Manzanita Tree Branches by adorning the branch with crystals and flowers or wrapping it with ribbon. Sometimes, florists also use these artificial Manzanita Tree Branches to create ornamental displays for a themed event. Faux manzanitas from Plantscape Commercial Silk can be a cost-effective replacement for imported plants and are definitely one of our most recommended picks for you.

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Height 2'-8'

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