Artificial Decorative Sticks and Twig Art
Artificial Decorative Sticks and Twig Art
Artificial Decorative Sticks and Twig Art

Artificial Decorative Sticks and Twig Art

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Are you looking for an all-natural design element that is multifunctional? Our decorative stick and twig art will introduce natural, real wood materials into your design as a ceiling or wall panel, suitable as art or as cover to disguise a feature in your space that doesn’t contribute to your overall design. We will customize the panel to your specifications making this a unique design for your commercial space. In standard sizes of 4’ to 12’, we can also help you dress up your space quickly. Made with real branches, preserved for longer wear and durability, this is a fabulous and functional accent!
Plantscape Commercial Silk’s Decorative Sticks and Twig Art is an all-natural design that instantly elevates your commercial space’s appeal. This stunning twig and stick art design has endless applications. You can use it in wall and ceiling panels or as a natural, artsy accent piece. You can also use it to hide unsightly spots or disguise features that don’t fit in with your space’s overall design.
Sticks and twig art ideas are among the world’s most trending biophilic décor solutions. They introduce natural color and materials to your space, making it happier, more productive and beautiful. Our natural stick art design is made from preserved natural branches which have been treated to enhance their resistance to regular wear and tear. It’s 4-12 feet high but can be customized to meet your design needs.
Our Decorative Sticks and Twig Art can be molded to create unique patterns and sculptures for your brand. What’s more, we can also help install the sticks and twig art design in your space in perfect harmony with the room’s existing décor and color scheme! Our Decorative Sticks and Twig Art design is made from safe, environment friendly materials. It’s also durable and very easy to clean.

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