Artificial Birch Tree Stump
Artificial Birch Tree Stump
Artificial Birch Tree Stump

Artificial Birch Tree Stump

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Popular and practical, there are many fashionable and functional uses for tree stumps, naturally and in landscape or interior design. Our large selection of very realistic tree stumps will add realism to your concept, with the very life-like stumps and bark. These are handcrafted, molded, and painted tree bark that is so lifelike, that you will not readily notice the difference. Whether you need help with a set design, a landscape display, a forest theme or a natural planter pedestal, the Birch Tree stump will serve your design very well. Available in multiple sizes, we can also custom design a Birch Tree stump based on your specifications. See our selection of tree stumps as there is sure to be a great woodsy accent match for you.
Available in various sizes, at Plantscape Commercial Silk, with our artificial Birch Tree Stump, we have you covered no matter your requirements. What makes our faux Birch Tree Stump exceptionally appealing is definitely its looks. From the natural bark to its textured surface to its detailed look, our fakeBirch Tree Stump replicates the natural stump closely, making it look deceptively real.
The artificial Birch Tree Stump from Plantscape Commercial Silk also saves you worries when it comes to its care. The premium and long-lasting materials make our faux Birch Tree Stump extremely resilient and durable. At the same time, our patented PermaLeaf® protection provides our fake Birch Tree Stump with superior UV resistance.
It’s time to add some unique decor to the outdoor arrangement in your resort or hotel garden if it’s looking a bit vacant. You have everything you’re looking for in the artificial Birch Tree Stump from Plantscape Commercial Silk. Our versatile fakeBirch Tree Stump can blend seamlessly with almost any arrangement. At the same time, the handcrafted artificial stump can also have a practical use and be used as the perfect pedestal for planters.

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Height6", 8", 10.5", 12"

Product Data Sheet3-Part Specifications

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