Broken Top Artificial Tree Stumps
Broken Top Artificial Tree Stumps
Broken Top Artificial Tree Stumps
Broken Top Artificial Tree Stumps
Broken Top Artificial Tree Stumps
Broken Top Artificial Tree Stumps

Broken Top Artificial Tree Stumps


Getting your landscape design realistic and just right, should include attention to groundcovers and natural accents. To accomplish this, tree stumps are used by landscapers and interior designers to bring a display to life. Furthering the natural look, we have within our Tree stump collection a broken top version that will add the detail and character as well as a real-life look and feel to your interior design and/or seasonal décor. Artisan crafted and cute, great with a wildlife scene, with planters looking for a natural theme, or with a gnome or two! Artisan crafted to look exactly like a natural tree stump, full of texture and style, with varying heights and dimensions, these tree remnants live on with purpose. Colored perfectly to look botanically accurate and designed to replicate a number of tree varieties, we have a great selection for you to choose your tree accent. Attractive, durable, and customizable….these are wonderful landscape features!
These fake broken top tree stumps are great as accessories for temporary installations as well. Use them to spruce up a kindergarten play area. Or use faux broken top tree stumps as backgrounds for hanging vines and more. And they are the perfect ground cover for any bald spots in your garden. And so life-like it is, even a seasoned gardener will have trouble identifying it as fake. These are immensely popular among decorators, landscapers, and even DIYers.
We offer our artificial broken top tree stump in our proprietary ThermaLeaf® materials. All ThermaLeaf® materials are inherently fireproof. How do we manage that? We inject all ThermaLeaf® materials with the right fire-protectants, at a molecular level. This means that the fake broken top tree stump that you take home will remain the absolute picture of good health for all its life. You will never worry about fire code compliance with ThermaLeaf®.
We can easily tweak the dimensions of this artificial broken top tree stump as per your specific requirements. With years of experience under our belt, we have realized that every space is unique! And thus requires a unique decor item. We can make this faux broken top tree stump longer, shorter, thicker, or thinner! All you need to do is ask.

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Height6", 12", 18", 25"

Product Data Sheet3-Part Specifications

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