Artificial Giant Stump Table
Artificial Giant Stump Table
Artificial Giant Stump Table
Artificial Giant Stump Table

Artificial Giant Stump Table


Are you are looking to add or maintain a natural design throughout your décor? Consider adding the Giant Tree Stump Table into your design as a functional piece of furniture that brings in the outdoors at the same time. Perfect for restaurants, patio bars, indoor gardens, and parks, this piece is available in a variety of sizes. The Tree Stump Table adds charm and character as well as a texture and tone to your commercial space. Artisan crafted to look exactly like a natural tree stump with a beautiful round tabletop, these tree stumps or “remnants” live on with purpose. Each stump is colored perfectly to look botanically accurate and designed to replicate several tree varieties. We have a great selection of tree stumps for you to choose your tree accent from. Attractive, durable, and customizable….these are wonderful and fun features!
Boasting the perfect blend of utility and aesthetic appeal, our fake Giant Tree Stump Tables are designed to last. Not only does the artificial Giant Tree Stump Table present itself as a practical piece of furniture, but it also gives your commercial space a natural aura that is bound to make a bold presence.
Irrespective of the setting, our faux Giant Tree Stump Table is a reliable natural enhancement to your commercial space. Why? It’s made using ThermaLeaf® fire retardant chemicals. An artificial Giant Tree Stump that self-extinguishes. Sounds pretty fire, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not all. Plantscape Commercial Silk’s fake Giant Tree Stump Table is also infused with UV protectants during manufacturing, making it a PermaLeaf® product. PermaLeaf® products are fade resistant and built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions while ensuring longevity.
Ranging in length from 2’ to 8’, the Giant Tree Stump Table can serve a multitude of purposes. Topped with a round table, our artificial Giant Tree Stump Table can be the next favorite lunch spot or reading place for your customer and/or employees. At Plantscape Commercial Silk, we customize the product to meet your needs, so let your imagination loose, and we will bring it to life.

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