Faux Aloe Plant ID# PRG-8986ACS, PRG-3880ACS
Aloe Plant | Faux Aloe Plant ID# PRG-8986ACS, PRG-3880ACS
Faux Aloe Plant ID# PRG-8986ACS, PRG-3880ACS
Aloe Plant | Faux Aloe Plant ID# PRG-8986ACS, PRG-3880ACS

Aloe Plant

ID# PRG-8986ACS, PRG-3880ACS

Aloe plants are notable for their soothing capabilities and the artificial rendition of aloe will also soothe your interior design. Perfect for minimalist designs or décor that depicts simple or modern design, our silk Aloe Plants offer the perfect naturalist concept. Measuring 16” and 18”, and in a variety of species, your choice of potting style makes this a nice option for those who want a variety of plants in the same family. The artificial Aloe is an A+ choice!
Aloe plants are perfect for minimalist interior design as they will not overwhelm your space while remaining visually soothing. Place our faux aloe plant next to an outdoor dining area or alternative seating to make it look extra sophisticated. It is a soothing experience to look at our faux Aloe plant after a long day of work.
We conducted extensive research on the anatomy of an Aloe plant before recreating it. We have also examined numerous Aloe reproductions. We quickly discovered that many of these are visually unappealing and often dull-colored. As a result, we created our faux Aloe plant with only the best, highest-quality PVC to achieve a beautiful replica of the original. This artificial Aloe plant comes in a bright green color. You can choose from two size options our faux Aloe plant comes in.
Every faux Aloe plant you buy from Plantscape Commercial Silk comes with an additional promise of durability and safety. We use our unique ThermaLeaf® technology on our indoor plants, which makes them fire-resistant. The ThermaLeaf® technology also prevents our plants from fading and withering. As a result, when you buy a faux Aloe plant from us, you invest in a lifelike plant that does not require any maintenance. You can also customize the potting so that it fits in with your indoor decorations.

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Height 16", 18"
Foliage Plastic

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