Artificial Banyan Plant Outdoor
Artificial Banyan Plant Outdoor | Banyan Plant ID# BNYB36+
Banyan Plant ID# BNYB36+
Artificial Banyan Plant Outdoor | Banyan Plant ID# BNYB36+
Banyan Plant ID# BNYB36+
Artificial Banyan Plant Outdoor | Banyan Plant ID# BNYB36+
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Artificial Banyan Plant Outdoor


Artificial Banyan Plants always stand out – in a good way. With perfectly poised substantial leaves, beautiful sage green color, and an authentic woody stem, these plants make an eye-catching addition to any landscape composition or great standalone accent pieces. Built from a botanically researched design, our experienced team of craftsmen makes the most beautifully accurate foliage commercially available, with advanced technology for superior longevity. Only Commercial Silk offers you foliage that will not only blend in seamlessly with natural foliage but will also outlast.
Keeping a banyan plant isn’t easy. Although they look majestic, they require daily cleaning, pruning, watering, and a suitably warm-humid climate to thrive. However, the faux Banyan Plant from Plantscape Commercial Silk demands none of that! You can pick an artificial Banyan Plant in a size you like, place it in a pot outside and sit back to enjoy the aesthetic value it provides.
The fake Banyan Plant comes in several sizes between 18-inches and 60-inches. So, whether you want a subtle tropical accent or an imposing statement piece, you can find it right here. Choose between a complete 60-inch plant and an assortment of smaller banyan plants depending on your outdoor décor necessities. Although replicas, the faux Banyan Plant has breathtakingly realistic sage green leaves on an authentic woody stem. The craftsmen put in the effort to design each leaf, twig, and stem to resemble a real banyan plant.
The fake Banyan Plant from Plantscape Commercial Silk not only promises to blend right in with your green scaping but also provides long-lived brilliance. The PermaLeaf ® technology ensures that the artificial banyan plant or tree leaves you choose are UV resistant. They will give the real banyan plants a tough competition since these are truly evergreen thanks to the state-of-the-art color-fade-resistant technology.

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