Artificial Leaves

botanically accurate replicas

Perfect for themed spaces and high-end environments where detail is key

Nobody gives you the freedom to create and design like Commercial Silk. All of the artificial leaves we use to create our masterful trees and plants are also available as simple components, often attached to a singular stem or small branch depending on their variety. With this level of granular customization, we make it easy to find exactly what you need for your project.

The quality and botanical accuracy of our artificial foliage is what makes it so useful and versatile. With highly realistic designs and colors, you’re free to implement greenery wherever you want, whether you’re creating a canopy of leaves through your entire restaurant, or decorating signage with proud bursts of Magnolia leaves.

Transform your exterior into a lush and maintenance-free garden with PermaLeaf® UV-resistant outdoor foliage that guarantees performance against the elements. This means no withering, no watering, and no worrying. For indoor projects that need to comply with fire safety laws, ThermaLeaf® Inherently Fire Retardant indoor foliage passes more federal and state fire safety tests than any others. In the end, this will give you some valuable peace of mind in safety.

If you’re finding yourself a little lost in the woods, our landscape experts are always available and happy to help you navigate through the world of design and horticulture to find the right plan for your brand. You can rely on our decades of industry experience to look out for your best interests and find elegant solutions for your unique space.