Algerian Ivy Garland ID# ALG#72
Algerian Ivy Garland | Algerian Ivy Garland ID# ALG#72
Algerian Ivy Garland ID# ALG#72
Algerian Ivy Garland | Algerian Ivy Garland ID# ALG#72

Algerian Ivy Garland

ID# ALG#72

Our amazing Algerian Ivy has a delicate appearance with its finely pointed leaves and trailing vine, adding a bit of grace and depth to any décor. At 72” in length and comprised of 40 lovely large ivy leaves, this ivy adds deep tones of green to your office or commercial space. Designed for interior use, the materials are silky, soft, and safe. Our faux Algerian Ivy Garland makes use of premium quality material which gives them an incredibly realistic look and feel providing a delightful and durable accent to your space. Garlands are useful in many designs for areas that need an extra pop of greenery where traditional plants may not grow. This is a perfect choice for any vertical structure you wish to add to your design.
Consider a garland as one of the easiest ways to introduce greenery in your interior landscape. Our artificial Algerian Ivy Variegated Garland Foliage will add bright green tones with perfectly outlined leaves in a creamy white. Use this garland in hanging baskets, to accent ledges, entryways, posts, or planters. Our garland is comprised of 40 large, incredibly life-like leaves that will last from season to season with little to no maintenance. A great way to give your commercial landscape design a fresh, burst of green, this faux Algerian Ivy Variegated Garland Foliage is also a fabulous groundcover option!
Algerian Ivy is a low-maintenance garden plant with dark green foliage. This faux Algerian Ivy garland provides an elegant touch to your interior decorations. Like Plantscape’s other vines and garlands, this ornamental plant can add a graceful touch to different settings. You can use it in your home, office, or retail space.
Plantscape’s Algerian Ivy faux plant was designed by our experts while keeping in mind the structure of the plant accurately. While the Algerian Ivy faux plant immediately makes your room look more glam, it does more. It is created using Plantscape Commercial Silk’s unique ThermaLeaf® technology. The ThermaLeaf® technology ensures that your decorative plants are fireproof by treating them at a molecular level. Plantscape Commercial Silk is dedicated to delivering products that are good inside out.
Our mission is to help you create the space of your dreams. With the faux Algerian Ivy plant’s versatility and utility, you can use it to achieve different effects. Plantscape strives to provide you with the absolute best because you deserve nothing less.

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Height 72"
Foliage Polyester
thermaleaf Available

Product Data Sheet 3-Part Specifications

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