Savannah Grass Plant, Outdoor
Savannah Grass Plant, Outdoor | Savannah Grass ID# GSV140+
Savannah Grass ID# GSV140+
Savannah Grass Plant, Outdoor | Savannah Grass ID# GSV140+
Savannah Grass ID# GSV140+
Savannah Grass Plant, Outdoor | Savannah Grass ID# GSV140+
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Savannah Grass Plant, Outdoor

ID# GSV140+

Savannah grass provides instant character in the form of long arcing and reaching blades, a familiar plant that conjures images of wide-open fields of dry yellow grasses. Few plants have the power to deliver such a complete experience in such a small package, but our artificial Savannah Grass is up to the task. Convincing, accurate color and grouping make these grasses look poised and neat without appearing overtly unnatural, striking a perfect balance of beauty that sells the experience. Talk to our experts and project managers today and see just how much you can accomplish with artificial Savannah Grass in your commercial project.
Incorporating a little bit of vibrant color and rusty texture can change the entire aspect of the makeover for a dull corner. The artificial savannah grass plant from Plantscape Commercial Silk is the most suitable element to decorate an outdoor commercial space. Accurate coloring and beautiful grouping bring our faux savannah grass plant one step closer to the real plant. Fences of the fake savannah grass plant will create magnificent imagery of nature and wilderness under the sky on any open rooftop restaurant.
Our artificial savannah grass plant is also suitable for decorating open hotel lobbies and pavements of commercial buildings. The thin blade-like leaves of this faux plant are dust-proof and curated to rid you of any maintenance burden. Moreover, the PermaLeaf® technology ensures that our Synthetic Grass Plant has superior UV resistance to prevent color-fading.
Made from premium materials which guarantee outdoor durability and a longer lifespan, the synthetic grass plant from Plantscape Commercial offers an economic and low maintenance alternative to real plants. Our artificial synthetic grass plant will change the essential outlook of your outdoor space and help you fabricate a desirable soothing ambiance for your customers.

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