Artificial Vines

sprawling life

Well suited for unusual spaces, as wall draping, tree hanging, or wrap

When a person is completely engaged, their focus is drawn to the immediate moment and the mind becomes unburdened. That’s a valuable headspace to find, but how exactly does one create an engaging experience that can achieve such a thing?

The answers are in the visual details of the space you’re creating. Whenever we set out to replicate a realistic space, we know the importance of little details like artificial vines. Our artificial vines are made to accompany a multitude of environments from fibrous plant-like jungle vines to more rigid woodland vines.

Typically made from all-natural materials, these obvious inclusions will help validate the presence of your green space beyond a few potted plants or trees and elevate it into a true immersive experience that people won’t soon forget.

There has never been a better time to get on board with the growing biophilic movement active among today’s young architects and designers. Get ahead of the wave and become a thought leader in your industry by creating exceptional green experiences that help people to ease their tension and enjoy everyday life a little bit more.